Muslim Gangs

Posted: April 12, 2016 in Ad Dawlat Al Islaameeyah, Booklets, Muslim Gangs

Gangs – the Future trend in the modern world: – P5

How do Gangs begin? – P6

Gangs require – P7

Your plan – changing from lone wolves to an armed gang: – P8


Propaganda Goal 1: Local Humanitarian Institutes: – P9

Propaganda 2: Being an Inspiring speaker: – P10

Dawah stalls: – P10

Altering the Mainstream Narrative in town: – P11

Propaganda Goal 3: Removing the fear of the Police and Authorities: – P15

Tawahhush – to seclude the Muslim communities: – P15

Stage 1 – Psychological distance: – P15

Stage 2 – Physical distance: – P16


Getting money: – P19

Weapons – P20

Where you are at right now: – P25

How Gangs recruit? – P26

A look at ‘Non practising Muslim’ Gangs: – P27

Infiltrating other gangs: – P30

Cell Networking with other trusted Muslims: – P31

Interrogation: – P32


Goal 1: Fortify your homes: – P34

Goal 2: Speed-dial Contacts: – P34

Goal 3: Cars as Weapons: – P35

The Raid begins: – P36

The Battle of Badr – the victory repeated throughout history: – P38

The Military Police: – P39

The coming Political powers in the West will be the far-right racists: – P40

Goal: Making your own independent communities – P41

Goal: the neo-Nazi protestors: – P42

THE OFFENSIVE towards Rome – P44

Muslim Gangs: The Future (1)

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