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Egyptian Cleric Sallah Sultan, Founder of the Ohio-Based American Center for Islamic Research has declared on Sada Al-Balad TV (Egypt) that Islam ought to go to war against America. He claims Allah is on Islam’s side and Islam will obliterate America.

Here is the MEMRI TV as found on Youtube.

Here is an excerpt that has been provided of the pertainate  section.

Sallah Sultan: By the grace of Allah, we broke the backs of Hosni Mubarak and his henchmen. Can we not do the same with regard to this gang of cowardly sons of Zion? Allah said about them: “They will not fight you, save from fortified cities or from behind walls.”

Interviewer: But if we fight Israel, we would be fighting the US as well…

Sallah Sultan: Why not? Indeed, we will fight Israel and all those who are behind it. Even if Europe in its entirety is behind it… The people of Gaza are wretched, but they are lions. They are real men. Did they not humiliate the US, Europe, and anybody who ever gave weapons, money, and aid to the Zionist entity? They entered Gaza in order to defeat it, but they were defeated themselves. Wasn’t Israel defeated in Lebanon and vanquished in Gaza?

Interviewer: True.

Sallah Sultan: Allah is present in this equation, and He is capable of obliterating America and any other oppressor. This is a divine law.