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The Management of Savagery is a manual of warfare used by ISIS:

Introduction (3)

Preface: The order that has governed the world since the Sykes-Picot era (5)

The Illusion of power: The centrality of the superpowers as a function of their overwhelming military power and deceptive media halo (7)

First Topic: Definition of “the management of savagery” and an overview of its historical precedents (11) ISIS manual

Second Topic: The path for establishing an Islamic state. (15)

Third Topic: The most important principles and policies for implementing the plan of action and achieving, in general, the goals of the stage of “the power of vexation and exhaustion”; and, in particular, the goals of the stage of “the management of savagery.” (by the permission of God) (23)

Section One: Mastery of the art of management (23)

Section Two: Who leads, who manages, and who authorizes the fundamental administrative decisions? (25)

Section Three: Using the time-tested principles of military combat (28)

Section Four: Using violence (31)

Section Five: Achieving power (34)

Section Six: Properly understanding the rules of the political game of our opponents and their fellow travelers, and striking a balance between confrontation and cooperation in accordance with sharia politics (37)

Section Seven: Polarization (46)

Section Eight: The rules of affiliation (50)

Section Nine: Mastering the security dimension: Surveillance and infiltrating adversaries and opponents of every kind (52)

Section Ten: Mastering education within the movement just as it was in the first age of Islam (54)

Fourth Topic: The most important problems and obstacles that we will face, and ways of  dealing with them (62)

(1) The problem of the decreasing number of true believers (62)

The Management of Savagery