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Posted: June 19, 2013 in A Culture War, Chino Is AntiIslam supposedly!

Mosque supremacists whine that the town of Chino, San Bernadino County, CA is “very anti-Muslim” (Uh, yep!)

20120531_032403_SanBernardinoTileGet used to it, Muslims, it’s becoming an epidemic in towns and cities all over America. Proponents of the proposed Al-Nur mosque in an unincorporated area near Chino claim residents are fearful of Muslims coming to their community. (EVERYBODY is fearful when Muslims move in)

Daily Bulletin  Neighbors of the proposed Islamic center have been in a legal battle with members of the Bangladeshi Sunni (al-Qaeda) Muslim group over the building of a 7,512-square-foot mosque on 1.5 acres.


Source: Bare Naked Islam