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Muslim Brotherhood Launches Own U.S. Political Party


 Posted 04/01/2014 07:03 PM ET

Islamofascism: With an eye toward the 2016 election, the radical Muslim Brotherhood has built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamist voting bloc.

‘Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016,” said Nihad Awad in launching the benign-sounding U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, whose membership reads like a Who’s Who of Brotherhood front groups.

“We are aiming to bring more participation from the Muslim community.”

USCMO also aims to elect Islamists in Washington, with the ultimate objective of “institutionalizing policies” favorable to Islamists — that is, Shariah law.

This development bears careful monitoring in light of the U.S. Brotherhood’s recently exposed goal to wage a “civilization jihad” against America that explicitly calls for infiltrating the U.S. political system and “destroying (it) from within.”

The subversive plan was spelled out in hundreds of pages of founding archives that the FBI confiscated from a Brotherhood leader’s home in the Washington suburbs after 9/11.

Translated from Arabic, the secret documents listed a number of Brotherhood front organizations — some of which just happen to make up the newly formed USCMO.

Front and center is the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, the catalyst behind this Trojan horse jihadist political party.

CAIR is linked in federal criminal court documents to the terrorist group Hamas, the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch. CAIR’s chief Awad, who announced the USCMO at the National Press Club, is so radioactive, the FBI refuses to do outreach with him and his so-called Muslim-rights group until it can “resolve whether there continues to be a connection between its executives and Hamas.”

Equally troubling is the Muslim American Society, another founding member of the USCMO. MAS was formed as “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” a 2007 Justice Department court filing states. A 2011 MAS press release praised Osama bin Laden as “a visionary who believed in an Islamic state in Afghanistan.”

The list of bad actors doesn’t end there. The chairman of America’s new Islamist party is none other than Oussama Jammal, who once headed the notorious Bridgeview Mosque in Chicago.

One of that mosque’s leaders was arrested and jailed for funneling millions to Hamas. And one of its most honored guests was bin Laden’s spiritual mentor, the late Palestinian cleric Abdullah Azzam. Some of Azzam’s relatives are Bridgeview members.

“The walls were covered with Hamas posters and recruiting literature showing masked gunmen brandishing automatic weapons. . . . You could see daggers plunged into Jewish hearts wrapped up in American flags,” said Steve Emerson, describing the mosque in his book “American Jihad.” “They even had a library filled with terrorist videos.”

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As many of you might already know the ICNA put out an educational pamphlet which presents some very interesting thoughts about jihad. The original communique focused on the fact the article quoted Al Hasan al-Banna (MB) and the purpose of jihad.

The two above facts are significant. But I believe that what is not mentioned in the communique is of greater importance because ISNA provides the readers with an official corporate definition of jihad and it radically different from their public stance. It is buried in footnote 113:

“Footnote 113: The word Allah used in Arabic is: wa Jaahada Fee Sabeelillah – meaning: made Jihad in the path of Allah. It is incorrect to translate the word Jihad to mean strive/striving because Jihad is a legal terminology with a specific meaning, and that is, fighting in the path of Allah and the struggle therein. Translating the word Jihad to mean ‘Striving’ is misleading as it gives a meaning different to the intending meaning in the verse. Unfortunately, this error has become a common practice amongst the translators, so let them be careful from falling into such errors.”

So, jihad does not mean to strive which is the public position of every Islamic group. Instead, it is a legal term with a fixed meaning which is to fight in the path of Allah which always refers to physical warfare. Keep this definition in mind as you read what else is said of jihad.

“Overemphasizing certain conspicuous works, even to the point of going against the Sunnah: Some people become fixated on a certain type of work to the point where Satan can incite them on account of it to go against the Sunnah or to violate Islamic law. Take jihad for instance, since some of our young people today have become very interested in it. No doubt it is a great act of devotion. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “There are one hundred levels in Paradise that Allah has prepared for those who engage in jihad for the cause of Allah. The distance between any two levels is like the distance between the sky and the Earth.”111 He also said that the pinnacle of Islam is jihad in the way of Allah.112 Allah makes jihad the greatest of works when he says: “Do you consider the giving of drink to the pilgrims or the maintenance of the Sacred Mosque equal to the service of those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and strive113 with might and main in the cause of Allah? They are not equal in the sight of Allah; and Allah guides not those who do wrong. Those who believe and emigrate and strive with might and main in Allah’s cause with their wealth and their lives have the highest rank in the sight of Allah. They are the people who shall achieve success. Their Lord gives them glad tidings of mercy from Himself, of His good pleasure, and of Gardens for them wherein are delights that endure. They will dwell therein forever. Verily with Allah is a great reward.” [Sûrah al-Tawbah: 19-22]. Page 170

“The Islamic movement is a universal organization that reaches out to encompass the workers in the Islamic field all over the world. This outreach is a precondition for success in conveying purely and clearly the Islamic message in ways relevant to the needs of the present time. This outreach is designed to call people to Islam, strengthen their belief in it, and organize them to work and to wage jihad in its cause.” Page 191

“b) Preparatory: Identifying good and reliable cadre to bear the burden of initiating and sustaining jihad. This is a period of building wisdom among the leaders and military discipline among the recruits. At this stage no one will be admitted to the movement except those willing to carry out their responsibilities in full obedience.” page 196

“Psychological independence. There has been much discussion about the -feeling of isolation- that Syed Qutb called for when he said, “There should be a group that takes the lead and proceeds alone in the middle of the ignorance found everywhere on this earth. This group should be in this environment but isolated from it, and should not be of this environment, though it should communicate with it.” The concept of isolation referred to here by Syed Qutb is distinct from the nihilist or rejectionist isolation of many non-Muslim groups. Muslims are isolationist in the sense of psychological independence, based on the manner and behavior, and of their feelings. This is what the Prophet (s) called when he warned: “Do not be a follower who says, I am with the people right or wrong. But maintain disciplined behavior, so when people do good, you should too and when they do evil, you should avoid it.” Effective work, movement, and Da’awah are not possible if one is physically isolated and out of contact with people, because one must be sensitive to their differences and tailor one’s approach accordingly. These people who are committed to Islam as individuals but reject the duties of work in a movement must be approached in one way. Some people are open enemies of Allah and his Messenger (s), both as individuals and as members and leaders of non-believing groups. Other people are proud of being Muslims but do not live in accordance with its rules. These people, who represent the majority of Muslims today, cannot be equated with those who deny non-believers. Each group must be addressed distinctly and with the personal knowledge that comes from communication. The message of the callers to Islam should be adapted to the closeness or distance of the potential audience, to their acceptance or rejection of the message, and to their friendship or enmity. Some of them need awareness, education, and guidance, while others, as a last resort in self-defense need the sword. This flexibility requires the callers to Islam to remain in contact with all elements of society. This relationship should aim at affecting the others positively, while avoiding a negative effect on oneself, and at purifying their lives while avoiding contamination of one’s own. The Prophet (s) said: “The patience of one of you (in jihad) is better than (worshipping) Allah for 60 years.” Page 198

“Our predecessors in faith heard the call to Allah, so they believed, and we pray that Allah
will make this faith beloved to us as it was to them because this love of Allah and Islam is
our faith. Our faith is our greatest strength and our most powerful tool; it is also the source
of the second most powerful instrument of the Islamic movement, which is jihad. The
companions of the Prophet (s) knew that Islam prevails only through the sacrifice of self
and wealth in jihad, and they were right.” Page 201

“There is the Work of Struggle (Jihad)
It would be aimed at liberating Muslim land, fighting the forces that oppose the Islamic Call
and the Muslim Nation, and preserving the freedom of the Muslim will and the independence of the Muslim decision.” Page 210

“The Holy Qur’an forbade that all of the Muslims at the Prophet’s time should go to the field
of jihad – and what a holy field it was! – And neglect another field that was no less sacred than the field of jihad, and might even have been more sacred at some times because it paved the way for it and reminded Muslims of it and warned them against neglecting it: it is the field of learning their religion well.” Page 211

“In Surah Al-Tawbah [Repentance], which denounced those who held back from jihad and promised severest punishment for those who dragged their feet on the way to the battlefield, Allah the Almighty says “Nor should the believers all go forth together. If a contingent from every expedition remained behind, they could devote themselves to studies in religion and admonish their people when they return to them, so that they (may learn) to guard themselves” [122]. . . “This is a strong call for specialization and for distribution of forces among the fields that need them.” Page 211

“To state it simply, prayer must exist, for without it Islam can not stand. The Prophet, upon
whom be peace, said, “The head of the matter is Islam, its pillar is the prayer, and the top
of its hump is jihad in the way of Allah.” It was the first act of worship that was made
obligatory by Allah.” Page 214

“By means of these two prohibitions, which concern men, Islam’s aim is to achieve certain
noble educational and moral objectives. Since it is the role of jihad (striving) and strength, Islam must safeguard the manly qualities of men from any show of weakness, passivity, and lethargy. Allah has made the physique of the man different from that of the woman, and it does not befit a man to wear clothes made of fine material or to adorn his body with costly ornaments.” Page 308

PDF: Tarbiyah Guide Stage 1

CAIR is whinning once again. The PDF is a letter CAIR sent in support of other groups who are claiming racism. Two things are interesting. First Islam is not a race therefore, there is no racism. Second, Islam has at one time or another tried to eliminate each group CAIR now claims to be brothers with.

CAIR’s letter to Senator Leahy

CAIR is also demanding action due to an advertisement in a NYC subway. The advertisement reads, “In any war between the civilized man  and the savage support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” If CAIR is so worried about Islam’s image then I would suggest they ought to be preaching to Muslims to stop acting like savages.


This report is released a day before the Senate will hold hearings on hate crimes. The report is centered on Oak Creek massacre which left seven Sikhs dead. CAIR is hypocritically using the Sihks in an attempt to influence and encourage American politicians to implement blasphemy laws to protect Islamic lies.

CAIR disingenuously states, “This report is dedicated to the memory of the six people who were murdered during the massacre in Oak Creek, Wis: Bhai Seeta Singh, Bhai Parkash Singh, Bhai Ranjit Singh, Satwant Singh Kaleka, Subegh Singh, and Parmjit Kaur Toor.”

Additionally, CAIR continues its attempt to redefine Islam as a “minority” and therefore, any criticism is racist. They state, “‘Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Must Carry the Same Stigma as Bias Directed at Many Other Minorities. In Same Hate, New Target, a report on Islamophobia in the United States released in 2011 by CAIR and the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender, interviewees’often cited their observation that there is a general societal acceptance of derogatory commentary about Islam.” This remains true. While even biased speech must always remain legally protected, such speech should have no place in mainstream discourse. No serious public official or candidate for public office would meet with an anti-Semite or white supremacist. Similarly they would not make statements encouraging such ideologies.”

Thirteen Days in Ramadan 2012

The Unholy Trinity: CAIR – Bassem Khafagi – The Muslim Brotherhood

By: Alan Kornman

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has announced former CAIR Director Dr. Bassem Khafagi will be running for President of Egypt. Let’s explore why this mainstream news non-event is such an important element of U.S. policy, both foreign and domestic. According to school records, Khafagi earned a master’s degree in civil engineering in August 1988 at the University of Idaho. After working as a teaching assistant and taking postgraduate classes there, he enrolled at Michigan State University, earning a doctorate in civil engineering in 1993. He later lived in Ann Arbor, Mich., operating a business called International Media Group from his home, court documents showed; according to the documents, it was not clear what kind of business it was.[6]The Seattle Times, March 14, 2003. On the surface it would appear that Bassem Khafagi embraced all the education and business opportunities American society could offer. Bassem Khafagi conversely, did all he could do to promote Islamic doctrine over our Constitution and Bill of Rights in both words and deeds. Khafagi found a welcome home at the Council on American Islamic Relations and rose to the position of Community Relations Director.

Dr. Bassem Khafagi

In a March 14, 2012 interview with Al-Hekma TV and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) Bassem Khafagi was asked about his views on the United States.

Watch video clip here compliments of MEMRI:

Khafagi said, “…When I first went to America — like many Islamists who went there — I loved Islamic preaching there. I loved the place I lived in, but I never loved the US, the infidel country.”

I wrote in my article that the US constitutes a criminal element in this world. All my writings in recent years explain the unacceptable Western subjugation enterprise. I discussed the RAND report, which was read by most of the Muslim world’s elite. I was the first to write about this report and the first to translate it into Arabic. I was the first to expose the notion of “moderate Islam,” which is used as a means to canonize a “non-Islamic Islam.” I don’t know why they call it “moderation.” This “moderation” means violation [of the laws] of Islam. Khafagi, speaking to an arabic audience in Egypt is telling the world his heartfelt beliefs about America but also what he believes the Egyptian majority of people want to hear regarding the U.S. When Khafagi says, “…the US constitutes a criminal element in this world” it is most troubling on many different levels. Many would agree that Khafagi calling our country a “criminal element in this world” is seditious.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) describes itself a “civil rights group” promoting moderate Muslims in America. Curious minds would like to know if Khafagi held these anti-American views while earning advanced degrees in Idaho and working for CAIR in the USA? Why is CAIR silent about Khafagi’s seditious comments? Ex-CAIR Community Relations Director Bassem Khafagi answers honestly when he
states, “When I first went to America – like many Islamists who went there – I loved Islamic preaching there. I loved the place I lived in, but I never loved the U.S., the infidel country. […]” Khafagi’s Haqq or truth spoken in Arabic, represents the exact opposite of CAIR’s public face. Was Bassem Khafagi living a lie while in the United States promoting what he knew to be a false interpretation of Islam admitted to by his own
words? Khafagi’s rap sheet, as we will see later, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Khafagi was leading a double life.

Khafagi’s friends at CAIR enabled and some would speculate encouraged his deception based on the number of CAIR officials who have been arrested, deported, and publicly made anti-American comments. MEMRI quotes from a July 23, 2004 Washington Post article, “According to the FBI, Khafagi was a founding member and former head of the IANA (Islamic Assembly of North America) Federal prosecutors said that the group’s objective was the “dissemination of radical Islamic ideology, the purpose of which was indoctrination, recruitment of members and the instigation of acts of violence and terrorism.” Federal investigators said the IANA has funneled money to activities supporting terrorism and has published material advocating suicide attacks on the United States. The IANA said it was formed to promote Islam. Sherell Johnson, the current CAIR Los Angeles Community Relations Manager job description looks like this, “Sherrel Johnson works on outreach and building bridges outside our community. Ms. Johnson also educates and empowers the American Muslim community through social activism, participation, & interaction. CAIR’s public relations security blanket is promoting the notion of “moderate Islam” In the role of CAIR’s Community Relations Director Khafagi promoted the idea of moderate Islam. However, in Egypt Khafagi says moderate Islam is a violation of Islamic Law or Shariah Islamiyya. It is impossible for both comments to be true.

Khafagi saying that “…moderate Islam is a violation of Islamic Law” and “…The United States constitutes a criminal element in this world” is explosive news because it contradicts most everything CAIR and Khafagi promote publicly. The key word here is publicly, Khafagi shines a harsh spotlight on what many Islamists say and do in front of English speaking audiences versus what is said in front of Arabic speaking audiences.
Khafagi illustrates peace and love when talking to English speakers and sedition when speaking to Arabic speaking audiences.

Egyptian Presidential candidate Bassem Khafagi is a man who has earned the respect of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt . Khafagi was also a man of action hear in the USA. It is unsettling that Bassem Khafagi’s criminal record in the United States qualified him in the eyes of The Muslim Brotherhood to represent their political views in Egypt. Khafagi was arrested for involvement with the Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA), which was linked to al-Qaida. After pleading guilty to visa and bank fraud charges.

Bassem Khafagi, while on the CAIR payroll, pled guilty to making “false material statements on his nonimmigrant visa application on Nov. 8, 2000, in Kuwait City, Kuwait and (2) passing bad checks for thousands of dollars at two U.S. banks in early 2001. Khafagi faces up to a $250,000 fine on the visa fraud conviction and 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine for each of the two counts of bank fraud.”- Daniel Pipes.

Khafagi was sentenced to 10 months in prison and deported to Egypt. Khafagi’s criminal resume is troubling enough but in the same timeline two of CAIR’s staff members, Ismail Royer and Ghasan Elashi were convicted of mail fraud and terrorism charges: Another CAIR employee, Siraj Wahhaj, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombings.

The link between Bassem Khafagi, CAIR, and The Muslim Brotherhood is air tight, troubling, and should be of major concern to law enforcement officials in the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood has a political arm called the Freedom and Justice Party(FJP).
The FJP is a name you will be hearing much more about in the United States because is sounds so nice and patriotic. Despite the Freedom and Justice Parties nice sounding name they are the same Muslim Brotherhood that supports the anti-American views of
Bassem Khafagi. The Muslim Brotherhood Recent news reports are stating that Bassem Khafagi is out of the Egyptian presidential
race and multimillionaire Khairat El-Shater is the Muslim Brotherhoods new candidate in Cairo.

Ahramonline reports, “It was very much business as usual for El-Shater from his prison cell, whether controlling his businesses or getting his way with the Brotherhood. In 2009 he even managed to have Abul-Fotouh voted off the Guidance Bureau. El-Shater was released last March, less than a month after Mubarakʼs ouster. More than 200 delegates from around the world have flocked to meet him to discuss politics,
investment and the future. Heʼs been roaming Asia and Gulf to talk about investment and finds the economic successes of Turkey, South Korea, Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia admirable. Al-Ahram Weekly has also learned that heʼs been meeting with senior officials and ex-officials in the industrial and investment sectors, clearly to prepare for the Brotherhoodʼs near future role in the government.” President Barak Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton waxed poetically about the new age of Democratic values taking hold in Egypt during the early
days of the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring has sprung and the sword of Jihad has officially gained power in Egypt under the name of The Muslim Brotherhood & The Freedom and Justice Party.

The flotsam of The Council on American Islamic Relations will carry the stench of Bassem Khafagi for decades and a permanent link to The Muslim Brotherhood forever. The Egyptian people voted, and the hope and change for a western style democracy wanted so badly by the west was never materialized, as sold by the mainstream media. The Egyptian people said no to freedom and liberty and yes to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood leadership believes Americans are corrupt, politically correct, cowards, and weak. Out of the Brotherhoods disdain and hatred for everything we hold sacred as Americans they formed the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) because they know our
press and political elites will digest the FJP as a so called moderate Muslim party. Remember how Bassem Khafagi defined moderate when referring to Muslims in America? Khafagi said, …moderate is a “…violation of the laws of Islam.” Khafagi implies Moderate Muslims if they even exist are heretics and not true Muslims. The Muslim Public Affairs Council is hosting The Muslim Brotherhoodʼs Freedom and
Justice Party on Tuesday April 3, 2012 for a speaking tour in Washington DC. If you have any doubt about who the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party are read the Brotherhoods motto below. The Brotherhood motto has remain unchanged for decades and tell everyone exactly who and what they represent. When someone tells me that dying in the way of Allah is their highest hope, I believe
them, and treat them as a threat and an adversary. When you see The Muslim Brotherhood remember their Motto:

Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

The Muslim Brotherhood is as dangerous to the United States as the Foreign Terrorist Organizations Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al-Qaida. It all condenses down to Allahʼs Law versus man made law like our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Islam teaches the Qurʼan was divinely inspired and transmitted from Allah to the Angel Gabriel directly to Muhammad, uncorrupted by man. Muslims today are taught every word in the Qurʼan is
divinely inspired and superior to any man made laws including the U.S. Constitution, Bible, Torah, atheism, capitalism, socialism, and communism. The Shariah is nothing more than the practical application of the Qurʼan and life of Muhammad. Therefore, the Shariah Islamiya or Islamic law can not ever be compatible with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. These facts can not be debated and why you should believe Bassem Khafagi when he tells you the truth. The Muslim Brotherhoodʼs purpose in America is to win the hearts and minds of the American people. It is up to you if they succeed or fail.

God Bless America and God Bless our Troops

One Team One Fight

Alan Kornman
The United West
Regional Coordinator

This is a 38 page instruction manual CAIR put together to help Muslims and Islamic groups to push for so-called “religious liberty.” In other words, this manual is CAIR’s instructions how to get Shar’ ia implemented. The manual is in PDF form at the bottom of this article. CAIR provided a so-called expert about Islamophobia to explain the horror of what would happen if Shar’ ia is outlawed.I decided to answer some of the expert’s false accusations.

Every Muslim Brotherhood organization squeals about islamophobia. CAIR’s manual is no different but I thought it would be interesting to point out the ignorance in this little report. My response will be in red.

“American Muslim reflections on Islamophobia, as manifested by efforts to pass laws that target Sharia, in the United States occur in full recognition that virtually every minority in our nation has faced and in most cases continues to face discrimination.

Bo: Notice that the author correctly claims that this is about Shar’ ia. What is important is that this author does not limit Shar’ ia which can only mean that they are using the term in the fullest since of what Shar’ ia is. Notice the continual whining. The term minority refers to numbers alone. It is true that minorities have suffered in America and we are working on rectifying those issues. But Islam does not belong as a minority despite its small numbers. The minorities to which the author refers did not FORCE their views on the populace as does Islam.

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Eraiii, James McPherson reports on English Protestant Americans’ suspicion of German and Irish Catholic immigrants to the U.S. in the nineteenth century. Americans of the Jewish faith have been subjected to vile stereotypes and other abuse. During the 2012 election cycle we see Mormonism being attacked.

Bo: What are the differences which destroys the author’s argument?  First, not a single group has a doctrine of violence and jihad against the host nation to impose their religo-political views. Islam does. Second, every one of these groups believe in and uphold our Constitutional values while Islam lies about the compatibility of Shar’ ia and the Constitution.  Third, we can search history and come up with examples of Catholics and Mormons who actually contributed to the evolution of our country which you can search all you want and you will not find a single example of a Muslim who does so well unless you count the Somalia taxi drivers. No, I don’t think so.

One might be forgiven for asking why an American Muslim should be opposed to bills that purport to ban Sharia and what impact such a bill will have on the lives of American Muslims. It is not as if American Muslims are clamoring for the United States to abrogate the Constitution and substitute in its place Sharia.

Bo: What a fool! Shar’ ia and the Constitution are not even in the same universe. The fact is Muslims are clamoring for this to happen through the courts and legal systems. This is taqiyya at its finest. The very thing the author tries to deny is exactly what Islam is trying to do.

How would a ban on Sharia affect our lives?
First, it subjects American Muslims to unequal treatment insofar as government regularly uses religious traditions to inform how a person’s estate should be distributed after death, how a business contract should be enforced, and what religious accommodations an employer is obligated to provide an employee.

Bo: What a joke. First, American law is sufficient for all the issues the author mentions. Shar’ ia is not necessary. What the author is concerned with is the religious aspect of Islam. Demanding the use of Shar’ ia in American courts will be used to force employers to allow Muslims extra benefits like mini-mosques and prayer times. The author is deceptive as well. Banning Shar’ ia will also ban issues like child-marriage, women being second class citizens, women being second-class citizens in the judicial system, wife-beating and Shar’ ia taking precedent over the Constitution.  

In these situations, it is appropriate and perfectly compatible with American law to refer to relevant religious traditions. These bans on Sharia—the religious traditions of Islam—would prevent American Muslims from using their faith to inform their lives in the same way that other religious communities in America do.

Bo: This is true. But other religious communities don’t teach jihad against non-Islamic entities so Islamic jihad puts Islam at a disadvantage.

The second effect of attempts to ban Sharia is that they suggest to our fellow Americans that Islam is something dangerous. Why else would a state legislator be trying to pass a law placing restrictions on the religious traditions of Islam while leaving all the other faiths in the United States untouched? And this suggestion is not made so subtly. Representative Don Wells of Missouri compared Sharia to polio. Another lawmaker, Representative Rick Womick of Tennessee, called Islam a “political-militaristic religion.” The lawmakers that have introduced these bans on Sharia, as well as the anti-Muslim activists and organizations supporting them, know exactly what they are doing: stirring up fear and animosity against American Muslims.

Bo: Good for these politicians. We need more of them and we need to support those willing to stand up for our Republic. Yes, these politicians do know what they are doing. Protecting our Republic from enemies within and without and one of these enemies is Islam. I mean seriously, which Qur’ an passage should I quote that shows Islam is hostile to all non-Islamic entities? Qur’ an 9:5; 29-32 as well as hundreds of other passages and whole chapters! The purpose of outlawing Shar’ ia is to place limitations on Islam that is necessary for other religious faiths because Islam is an inherently violent religio-political entity. Ah, but of course the Muslim Brotherhood will not tell the American public the truth so we must.

PDF: Securing Religious Liberty Handbook