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The Nature of the Mujahideen’sRelationship with the StateMufti Khubaib SahibThe second important factor is that the Jihaad organisations should not become an organ of the state at any time. Though according to the circumstances and situations, for the welfare of the Jihaad and the Muslims, mutual cooperation between the Jihaad Movements and the states is not a bad thing and in some situation it is vital, but to depend completely on the states for procurement, resources and to submit to the state’s dictate and their policies, would tantamount to an act of suicide.

A common practice of every government is, that they put their own people from the onset into the Movements, who as time passes by, will naturally progress to higher positions, once they occupy a position of importance, they pursue such policies which will paralyse these Movements and organisations from within. Therefore it is vital for the Mujahideen to keep a watchful eye and to be vigilant. They should pursue their independent policies. In the hope of furthering the cause they should not rely upon the facilities and resources provided by the state. They should weigh all the pros and cons very carefully, before accepting even the good and beneficial policies of the state. And after the careful and thorough examination of these policies, if they appear to be genuinely beneficial and productive, it may be accepted and adopted in such a manner, that they become the Mujahideen own policies and not as of the state. Regarding this matter the most important rule must be, that the central leadership and the decision-making personnel should not utilise any facilities provided by the state, i.e. accommodation, transport, and so on. They should try their utmost to refrain from accepting the state’s handouts. These handouts causes the slow death of the conscience and the heart. Yes, the usage of such facilities is permissible only for religious need alone, providing that the majesty of the Jihaad is maintained.

Indeed the Jihaad is such a virtuous deed by which, either the participants emerge from the hard and bloodied fields, wearing the crown of Martyrdom to the Palaces of Jannat , or by obtaining the honours of bravery and victory, the palaces of the world crumble at their feet. But a Mujahid’s heart and mind should never be occupied with the thoughts of these worldly palaces, these five-star hotels or these shining cars. He should always be a true lover of the difficult terrains and the blood-soaked fields, where the path of the true greatness and tranquillity is to be found and from where, humanity obtains the freedom from the slavery of the fellow human beings and the temporary luxuries of the world. Allah forbid, if ever a Mujahid becomes addicted to the comfort and luxuries of the world, while his only goal of participating in the Jihaad was to free mankind from such a slavery, then he is a complete failure. The honoured Sahabah used to designate these beautiful and magnificent palaces, these splendour and the glitters of this world as Dhaiq ul Dunya and to free mankind from this hardship and poverty was an important part of their mission.

I am definitely not proposing that the Mujahideen should not use the worldly tools or the facilities. While I have always maintained that for the Jihaad, we ought to utilise all the available materials and resources and the Mujahideen ought to possess abundance of resources and equipment. If the Jewish leaders are using helicopters for the spread of Zionism, then the Mujahideen ought to possess such fast means of transportation as well, in order to confront the enemy boldly and to inflict heavy losses upon them. Instead what I intended was that the Mujahideen ought to maintain at all times, the dignity and the eminence of the Jihaad. Even when they are fighting the enemy after their long march on foot or by the means of vehicles and aeroplanes.

A Mujahid is a Soldier of Allah , everything belongs to Allah alone, thus it is not befitting the Soldier of Allah , to occupy his mind with such abject and contemptuous worldly materials, while he is striving to save the mankind from these wickednesses. These worldly possessions ought not to affect his thoughts or not to change his perceptions and his course.

Experience has shown us that a true and genuine Mujahid’s heart is free from the thought of the most sophisticated equipment, the materials and the glittering worldly artefacts. A Mujahid’s heart is totally and absolutely free from any worldly gains while he is in the battlefield. He must keep staring at the face of death and never let his attention be diverted to any worldly affairs, as he is in the company of the Angels, while he is confronting the enemy.

If the Mujahideen do not become entangled with their personal well being and are not enticed away from these battlefields, then he is in such a place, where Angels descend, where the forces of truth and falsehood are confronting each other face to face, where Allah’s Help can be witnessed and where their desire to meet Allah , springs in their hearts and souls.

If a Mujahid does not abandon the life of danger and threat totally, then the worldly desires do not enter in his thoughts. The most splendid and spacious palaces, cars and houses, become the most worthless commodities and his heart and soul is only occupied with the thought of the victory or the Martyrdom. But on the other hand, Allah Forbids, a Mujahid has distanced himself totally from the battle fields and considers himself above the fighting and perceives his life very precious and has become addicted to attending conferences, meetings, rallies and travelling to peaceful places, then it is feared that he might be infected with the disease of the worldly temptations. Some times the yearning for self importance and position, which might be termed as Hoob-e-Jah takes root in his heart and other times the yearning for worldly possessions, which is termed as Hoob ul Maal take hold of him. These two are more potent and dangerous for a Mujahid than Cancer.

On the other hand, in order to maintain the ever expanding activities of the Jihaad and to provide the ever increasing requirements, the procurement of resources, the affective invitation of the Jihaad to the world and for the refutation and countering of the enemies’ propaganda, it is also essential that some highly skilled and talented persons ought to be away from the battlefields to manage the administrative side of the organisations, the communication, the information and the propagation of the Jihaad, as well as making sure of the procurement of resources needed by the Mujahideen. All these deeds are also part and parcel of the Jihaad, as fighting with the enemy in the battlefields is.

For those who are responsible for the various sections of the Jihaad, it is essential for them to spend a minimum of thirty to forty days a year in the battlefield, in order to strengthen their Imaan, because the blast of bombs, mortars and bullets and the fragrance of the soil of the battlefields would remove any lingering desire of worldly materials from their hearts and minds. If the nature of the battlefields is such that it would not be possible to spend thirty to forty days there, then they should attend the training camps as an ordinary Mujahid and acquire further training and enhance their existing skills, or they should visit the base camps, assisting the incoming and outgoing of the Mujahideen, or they should travel to the foreign enemy countries and gather information. By such a programme, a direct link is also maintained between them and the blessed and indispensable deed of combat, and other important activities of the Jihaad and their Imaan will grow stronger. This point is of great importance and an indispensable requirement, that ought not to be ignored by the leadership of the Jihaad Movements, nor by the Mujahideen themselves. Nobody ought to be exempted from this requirement.

Beside the above-mentioned requirement, there ought to be a policy of occasionally bringing the combatant from the battlefields into the administrative wings of the Jihaad Movements. This will ensure that on some unexpected turn of events, any crisis of leadership will be avoided and the machinery of the Jihaad Movements will operate smoothly.

Pursuing such a policy will bring the dividends of the availability of such personnel who are fully versed in every section of the Jihaad in the Path of Allah . They would be fully able to carry out the multiple tasks of the organisation. An administrator will be capable of commanding a unit in the battlefield, while a battle-hardened Mujahid will be at his ease, in addressing and managing a conference. The rank and files are trained in such a manner that, on the one hand they are experienced bomb-makers, while on the other hand they are competent managers of the filing system.

The second advantage of such a policy is the cohesion and mutual cooperation. Thus eliminating tension and misunderstanding, which usually appears if one is forced to carry out the same task day in day out. The assumption by one section, that no one else can perform their task will cause weakness and friction with other sections. Thus it is prudent to rotate the personnel in the above described manner.

The third benefit of this policy is that by rotating the personnel within various departments and sections will result in avoiding strong headedness. As nobody is fixed to a lifelong position, one will be more willing to listen and to cooperate. It will also provide an understanding of the natural personal tendencies of the colleagues at various levels, this will enhance the relationship between the superior and the subordinates. The most important benefit to be gained from this policy is to sever in advance the umbilical cord of self-importance or haughtiness among the administrators.

Finally by adopting this approach, every section will not be starved of the talented and skilled personnel. Allah Forbids, if some members of staff lost their lives in the battlefield and were fortunate to achieve the Martyrdom, or they have left the organisation, then no breakdown in the affairs of the Jihaad will materialise and the smooth running of that section will be maintained.

Here is an important factor that should be observed. When Allah has bestowed a special gift to someone and with this gift, he is able to perform magnificently in a particular section and his transfer to other sections will undoubtedly affect the performance of his old department, then he should be made an exemption from the above-mentioned policy. He should remain in his section, but from time to time he would be required to work in other sections for a brief period. He should be provided with such staff who could benefit from his gifted abilities and would be able to run the section effectively in his absence.

These are the few steps. Insha-Allah, implementation of these policies, will safeguard the Jihaad Movements and the Mujahideen from the wickedness and mischief of the ever changing and submissive alien governments who rule over Muslims.