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Permament War

The author states, “This book has attempted to show by means of adequate citations from the Koran that jihãd is aggressive war par excellence, with one or two verses thrown in, in between, to indicate that counsels of moderation and non-aggression are not wholly absent from the Islamic scheme of things. But as Islamic apologists the world over have of late started protesting rather loudly that Koranic1 jihãd is war in self-defence and nothing else, it is important that we discuss threadbare the worth of the Koranic verse which is most often referred to in this connection.”





Jihad In The Qur’ an

Jihãd in the Hadis

Plunder in the Koran

Plunder (Ghanîmah) in the Hadis

Islamic Expansion Through Jihad

Destruction of Idols and Idol-Temples in Jihad

Slaughter of Infidels in Jihãd

Plunder in Jihad

Jihãd in the Shariat

Jihãd and Religious Riot



Appendix 1 The Explusion of NonMuslims From Islamic Countries

Appendix 2 Jizyah and the Zimmî

Appendix 3 Development of the Doctrine of Jihãd in the Koran

Appendix 4 Akbar�s Attitude to Jihãd

Appendix 5 Doctrine of Jihãd as Defensive War