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Issue 01

This is the first issue of the Islamic State’s magazine named Dabiq. The magazine covers a number of issues but the most important issues are:

Page 3: Dabiq magazine

Page 6: Khalifah Declared

Page 34: From Hijah To Khalifah

ISIS Magazine 01

Issue 02

This issues speaks almost exclusively about Noah’s flood from an Islamic perspective. The most important issues are:

Page 5: It is Either the Islamic State or The Flood

Page 20: The Flood of Mubahalah

Page 31: The Islamic State in the words of the enemy

ISIS Magazine 02

Issue 03

This issue centers on Hijrah. The most important issues are:

Page 3: Foreword (About James Foley)

Page 5: The Islamic State Before Al Malhamah

Page 10: From Hijrah To Shame is from the Millah of Ibrahim

Page 16: The Dawah and Hisbah in The Islamic State

Page 29: Modern Day Slavery

Page 31: There is no life without Jihad

Page 39: The Complete Message of James Foley

ISIS Magazine 03

Issue 04

“We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses,  and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted.”

ISIS is pumping out the magazine issues. Here is number 4.

Page 6: Excerpts from “Indeed the Lord is ever Watchful” by the ISIS spokesman. Need to read.Dabiq4

Page 10: My Provision Was Placed for Me In the Shade of My Spear. An apologetic for war.

Page 14: Revival of Slavery Before the Hour

Page 21: Ansar Al-Islam Pledges Allegiance to the Islamic State

Page 27: A Window into the Islamic State

Page 32: Reflections on The Final Crusade

Page 43: The Fading Gray Zone

Page 47: A Message From Sottloff To His Mother Days Before His Execution

Page 52: Hard Talk

ISIS Magazine 04

Issue 05

Page 04: Lessons from a Shahid

Page 18: Currency of the Khilafah

Page 20: Remaining and Expanding

Page 34: In the Words of the Enemy

ISIS Magazine 05

Issue 06

Page 06: Advice for Islamic Fighters

Page 38: Misleading Scholars

ISIS Magazine 06

Issue 07

Page 9: Advice For the Leaders of the Islamic State

Page 17: An Explicit Ultimatum From the Salaf To the Apostates

Page 20: Islam is the Religion of the Sword Not Pacificism

Page 40: Major Operations in Lybia and Sinai

Page 44: The Salvation From Fitnah is Khilafah and Jihad

Page 54: The Extinction of the Grayzone (Dealing With Apostasy)

ISIS Magazine 07

Issue 08

Page 14: From the Pages of History

Page 28: Abandon The Land of Shirk

Page 64: Paradigm Shift

ISIS Magazine 08

Issue 09

Page 14: Conspiracy Theory Shirk

Page 24: Islamic State Reports

Page 38: Perfecting One’s Islam, Iman, Hijah, and Jihad

Page 74: The Perfect Storm

ISIS Magazine 09

Issue 10

Page 14: Tawhid and Our Duty To Our Parents

Page 30: American Kurdistan

Page 38: Wala and Bala

Page 50: The Laws of Allah or the Laws of Man

ISIS Magazine 10

Issue 11



Page 10: The Evil of Division and Taqlid

Page 16: The Mahdi of the Rafidah: The Dajjal

Page 18: Wala and Bala verses American Racism

Page 22: The Dangers of Abandoning Darul-Islam

Page 36: Who are the True Fuqaha and Scholars?

ISIS Magazine 11

Issue 12


Page 09: Advice To the Mujahidin: Listen and Obey

Page 17: From the Pages of History: Baqiyah

Page 23: Hikman: Jamaah or Jahiliyyah?

Page 25: Military Operations by the Islamic State

Page 43: You Think They are Together, but their hearts are divided

Page 47: Paradigm Shift Part II

ISIS Magazine 12

Issue 13