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Pentagon orders AIR FORCE to remove video that mentions ‘God’ because it might offend Muslims

Military-Air-Force-600x350The tribute was created by a chaplain at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. The chaplain wrote a poem titled, “God Created A First Sergeant.” It was later adapted into a video with a narration. First Sergeants are senior non-commissioned officers.

FOX News  The video was modeled after the Dodge Ram Super Bowl commercial titled, “God Created A Farmer.” “On the eighth day, God looked down on His creation and said, ‘I need someone who will take care of the Airmen,’” the tribute read. “So God created a First Sergeant.”

Can’t have anything about God, but the military doesn’t care if non-Muslims are offended by having Islamic materials shoved down their throats. For example:


Chaplain leadership at the base signed off on the project as well as other base officials and earlier this week the video was posted on YouTube. But it was soon taken down after other officers objected.

“Proliferation of religion is not allowed in the Air Force or military,” wrote the chief of the Air Force News Service Division in an email obtained by Fox News. “How would an Agnostic, Atheist or Muslim serving in the military take this video?”

“I would not recommend using this at all,” the chief wrote. He also took issue with the wording of the video, according to the emails. “The choice of ‘On the Eighth day’ verbiage to begin this video is highly suggestive from the book of Genesis in the Bible and has Christian overtones,” he wrote.

Source: Bare Naked Islam