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Peace In Islam is a seminal text on Jihadi studies concerning Jihad and its use in Islam. Al-Banna was the mastermind/creator of the Muslim Brotherhood. Understand Al-Banna and you will understand the Muslim Brotherhood as well as every other Jihadi group.


Peace In Islam: Hanna Al-Banna

1) Introduction

2) Reformist Feeling in the Islamic World
The Causes
Materialism in the West
The Perfection of Islam
The Course of Modernity
The three systems in Prayer
The Islamic Threat – Myth or Reality?

3) Declaring Human Brotherhood and Bringing Glad Tidings of the Universal Idea
Reaffirming Racial and Ethnic Unity
Reaffirming the Oneness of Religion
Confirming the Oneness of the Message
The Unity of Rites
Reaffirming the Qualities of Mercy, Love, Altruism, and Piety
The Universal Humanity in Islamic Societies
The World of Today

4) Peace, and Why Fighting is Allowed in Islam
Islam is a Religion of Mercy
Islam and War
War is strictly forbidden for any other reason
The Preference of Peace, Wherever Possible and its Encouragement
Mercy in War and the Preservation of the Highest Human Morals
Honouring Pacts and Covenants
Jizyah (Tribute)
The Emphasis on Continuous Preparation and Utmost Bravery if Fighting Became Necessary
Was the Call of Islam Spread by the Sword?
Is Islam Unique in Calling for the Use of the Sword in the Protection of the Truth?
Positive Steps by Islam, and What it Has Laid Down inTerms of Guarantees for the Establishment of Peace
Where do the leaers of this age stand in realisation of these steps?

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