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Jihad Recollections Issue 6

This issue is sixty-one pages long and is titled “Sadness, Contentment and Aspiration.”  Both Rep. Wiener and Ron Paul are mentioned in this issue. Also, this issue provides training to how to shoot an AK and how to make Acetone Peroxide. Here are some articles that you might want to read.

Conditions for the Resistance to use individual Jihad, page 15
Why Did I choose Al-Qaeda? Page 32
It is either Jihad or Disgrace. You Choose, page 55

PDF: Jihad Recollections Issue 6


Inspire Magazine Issue 7

This issue is only twenty pages long and it titled “The Greatest Special Operation of All Time.”  It includes coverage of 9/11, the conflict of the Media in covering jihadi groups, Iran and conspiracy theories and A Decade in Pictures.

PDF: Inspire Magazine Issue 7


Inspire Magazine Issue 8

This issue is thirty-two pages long and is entitled “Targeting Dar Al-Harb Populations.” Some of the articles that might be of interest are:

The Jihadi Experiences: The main arenas of operation for individual jihad, page 18
Training with a Handgun, page 29
Remote Control Detonation, page 33
Targeting the Populations of Countries that are at War with the Muslims, page 40

PDF: Inspire Magazine Issue 8


Inspire Magazine Issue 9

This issue is sixty-two pages long and entitled “Winning On the Ground.” Some of the articles you might be interested in are:

My Story with Al Awlaki, page 9
The Jihadi Experiences:The most important enemy targets aimed at by the individual jihad, page 23
It is your freedom to ignite a firebomb, page 30
Qualities of an Urban Assassin, page 37

PDF: Inspire Magazine Issue 9


Inspire Magazine Issue 10

Inspire magazine is up and running once again. This issue is about 60 pages long. Some of the articles that might interest you are:

We are all USAMA, page 42
Jihadisphere, 18
Why did I choose Al-Qaeda?, page 34
What is Al-Qaeda?, page 35
The Jihadi Experiences, page 22
Torching Parked Vehicles, page 51
Are You Ready For an Ambush?, 52
Individual Jihad, page 10
Yes We Can [Call To Kill American Preachers], page 15

PDF: Inspire Issue 10

Jihad Recollections, Issue 1.

This issue is seventy pages long. There are two articles you might want to review.

How Jihadi groups can go beyond global Jihad. (Page 27)
Principles of Guerrilla Warfare. (Page 48)

PDF: Jihad Recollections 1


Jihad Recollections, Issue 2

This issue is seventy-three pages long. Here are some articles you might want to review:

Caliphate’s Example. (Page 16)
Summary of “Architect of Global Jihad.” (Page 31)
A Guide For Bringing Converts to a State of Strength. (Page 47)
The Warrior Trainer. (Page 52)

PDF: Jihad Recollections, Issue 2


Jihad Recollections, Issue 3

This issue is eight-two pages long and ought to be fun reading for Americans. It is called from Uncle Sam to AllahuAkbar. Some articles you might want to preview are:

Operational Objectives of Guerrilla Warfare. (Page 18)
The Warrior Trainer. (Page 41)
Europe’s Potential for Assault. (Page 52)
Try to Liberate without Islam. (Page 53)

PDF: Jihad Recollections, Issue 3


Jihad Recollections, Issue 4

This entire issue contains recollections about Al Qeada’s 9/11 attack on America’s heartland. As an American it will boil the blood nevertheless, the issue provides us with some great insight into the thinking of Jihadis.

PDF: Jihad Recollections, Issue 4


Jihad Recollections, Issue 5

This issue is seventy pages long. There are three sections which might be of interest to readers of this blog.

Why I choose Al-Qaeda. (Page 2)
Training with the AK. (Page 24)
Individual Terrorism Jihad. (Page 29)
What to Expect In Jihad. (Page 65)

PDF: Jihad Recollections Issue 5