MSA Starter Guide

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Student Association, Starter Guide

This guide reveals how to successfully start an MSA on campus.

MSA National Guide

  1. Looking back on the early 1960s while America was focused on” the new frontier * a growing communist threat particularly southeast Asia secretly our gravest most virulent enemies Islamist organizations Muslim brotherhood USA gave birth it’s most prolific breeder now serving over 600 colleges and universities throughout north America down to the high schools and more and more middle school sickness yet this week tweeting about PBS propagating Sharia last Sunday atrocities on my stomach burns contemplating both the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a few short hours and as a cradle Catholic the following Devine mercy Sunday of Christian forgiveness just how will damn bad will those” fellow travelers of Allah” celebrate or purposely demoralize us people of the book Christians and Jews while again our hearts and minds open to blessings of the living loving most merciful God and our peaceful souls fill with hope and dreamy eyes gaze upon a bright stars shining laminating better tomorrow’s..,,,

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