Distinction Between Jihad and Violence

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Jihad Vs Violence

The Distinction Between The Jihaad And Acts of ViolenceMufti Khubaib SahibThe honoured Mujahideen ought not to forget, that the Jihaad is an act of Divine Worship and at the core of every Act of Worship, lie the vital requirements of purity and sincerity of the heart. Every Act of Devotion must be performed for the sole purpose of obtaining Approval and blessings of Allah Ta`ala and must be totally in accord with the Revered Sharee`ah. The Mujahideen’s intentions always ought to be to please Allah Ta`ala alone. Their hearts and souls ought to be free from false pride, arrogance, haughtiness and insolence, so that their great Act of Devotion and Worship remains protected and acceptable in the Court of Allah Ta`ala. Anyone who sacrifices his life with the sole intention of becoming famous, would be the first person to be shoved into the hellfire, therefore the Mujahideen ought not to be haughty and insolent because of their great deeds and ought not advertise their deeds without any necessary reasons. The pronouncement of the events of the Jihaad, for the sole purpose of propagation ought to be narrated with the minimal mentioning of personal achievements, instead the greatness of the Jihaad and the help and the victory of Allah Ta`ala ought to be prominent in all such propagation.

Once the Mujahid believes, that every achievement and success is not due to his effort and endeavour, but due to Allah’s Will and the commandments, then none of the satanic tricks will penetrate his heart and soul. Regardless of whether he narrates each and every event and achievement of the Jihaad, or publishes them. Indeed Allah Ta`ala will grant to this Mujahid untold and unimaginable Thawab for such narration and publication, as they would be a means to bring thousands of Muslims into the Jihaad.

If the narration of the events of the Jihaad in the above prescribed manner is not pursued and it is instigated due to an act of false pride and insolence, then the deeds of the honoured Sahabah RadhialLahu `Anhum and the Salaf Saliheen would have never reached us.

On the other hand (Allah Ta`ala orbits) if any thought of self-importance penetrates into any Mujahid’s heart and soul and he considers himself as an indispensable old hand and an extremely valuable experienced Mujahid and believes that all the achievements are due to his personal effort and endeavour and demands certain rights, then the situation becomes threatening, which need to be reformed urgently. Therefore the Mujahideen ought to check thoroughly and correct their intentions before any public statements and publications are made.

One other important point to be remembered is, that holding and carrying the weapons is a great blessing, thus Satan tries his utmost to tempt the armed Mujahid to abuse this blessing, by prompting the wrongful usage of his weapons, in order to cause ill-feelings against the Jihaad and the Mujahideen. Therefore those lucky Mujahideen who are armed, should understand very clearly and precisely that the usage of these weapons are governed by the Revered Sharee`ah and if the usage of these weapons are carried out in accordance with the Revered Sharee`ah then only it would be called the Jihaad and they will reap the Thawab for this great Act of Worship and Devotion. But if he uses his weapons, contrary to the Revered Sharee`ah and in the wake of some temporary emotional outbursts, then this will not be the Jihaad, but it will be an act of violence, and Allah Ta`ala detests those who spread chaos and violence on the earth. Some people who are shallow minded and possess uncontrolled emotions, are propelled by Satan, to act irresponsibly and the satanic influences instigate negative feelings in them against the organised Movement of the Mujahideen and their policies which are based upon the Revered Sharee`ah. These people start complaining that nothing important is happening. But in reality the only act they themselves are capable of accomplishing is, lobbing a grenade into the places of worship of the enemy, or to disrupt a public gathering, or to kill some unconnected and unworthy or defenceless person. These meaningless and despicable acts of violence are considered by them to be their greatest achievement.

Sadly the enormous achievements and task of the Jihaad Movements, such as the snatching of freedom and independence for the million of the Muslims from the clutches of the barbaric Soviet occupying forces and the virtuous cause of protecting the future of 200,000,000 Indian Muslim’s from the racist Hindus, does not seem to them as a great achievement and endeavour. Such superficial and shallow minded youths could be found in the four corners of the world. Some of whom spend their lives day-dreaming of some invincible great plans which never sees the light of the day, while some will be carried away by their silly and aimless emotions to commit some act of violence which might push some of the greatest organisations to the precipice of destruction.

These type of youths could be seen either asking daft and silly questions to the respected `Ulama, or bothering the leadership of the Jihaad Movements, with their imaginary schemes. The usual contents of their verbosity includes such statements “that excluding the Jihaad, if there is any other need for their services, then they are willing to serve”, “you are wasting the resources by fighting such and such enemies, while the real enemy is around you”, “is it permissible to kill a prostitute?”, “could we have your permission to rob all those who do not take part in the Jihaad?”, “certain banks are the properties of certain sects, could we be allowed to rob them as it will be profitable to the religion?”, and so on and on and on.

These type of people are neither encouraged by the respected ‘Ulama, nor by the leadership of the Mujahideen. Disappointed, they turn against the respected ‘Ulama and the leadership of the Jihaad Movement, they then start spreading false and distasteful accusations and innuendoes against the respected ‘Ulama and the leadership of the Jihaad Movements and finally they turned to other people for help for their superficial and imaginary perception and schemes. Occasionally they manage to form a group of like-minded mentally disturbed people and start some short-lived subversive activities, then they fade away quietly.

It is a binding duty of the Jihaad organisations, to inform very precisely, emphatically, and very clearly, to every Mujahid, before handing the weapons to him, the sanctity of the weapons, and the Revered Sharee`ah relating to the proper usage of these weapons. The Jihaad organisation ought to make sure that those who are entitled to carry arms and ammunition, are well drilled in the following of the commands of their the commanders and the Ameer. They are to be thoroughly checked against any germs of self-importance and the shallow disruptive emotions.

The strict policy of discouragement ought to be enforced for any one, perceived to be harbouring any notion of abusing the weapons and are prone to momentary personal initiatives. Such people should be kept away from the organisation and the Mujahideen. As we have described earlier that the Jihaad is not synonymous with hooliganism, armed robberies, murders and mayhem, but a holy deed of Worship and Devotion, which is solely performed for Allah’s approval and blessings, and Allah’s approval and blessings can only be obtained by the obedience of the Ameer and by the strict adherence to the Revered Sharee`ah.

The purpose of the Jihaad is the reformation of the individuals and the society. The aim of the Jihaad is to establish peace on Earth. The objective of the Jihaad is to instil obedience and subjugation to Allah Ta`ala only. The Jihaad is synonymous with the Da’awat ul Haq. Thus a Mujahid should acquire the attributes and qualities befitting the Soldier of Allah Ta`ala.

Today conspiracies against Islam and Muslims are rearing their ugly heads in many quarters of the world, therefore a tightly knit organisation and an extremely careful approach to the Jihaad is required. This can only be achieved, when unsuitable persons do not enter into the fold of the Jihaad organisation and the Movement until they conform to the hilt to all the Islamic principles and commandments. This conformation will result in Allah’s blessings descending upon those who are participating in the Jihaad and all the goals of the Movement will be fulfilled and Insha’Allah, the words of Allah would be supreme once again in every nook and cranny of the world, and Islam will regain its superiority over the Kafirs and the Mushrikeen. Oh Mujahid in the Path of Allah Ta`ala! Remember ! That the Jihaad is not a mean to bring human beings into the subjugation of other human beings, nor is the Jihaad for the purpose of achieving personal gains or honour. We are sacrificing our lives in order to end all the mischief, discord, sedition, inequity, wretchedness and wickedness from the world, our sole expectation by the virtuous deed of the Jihaad is the success in the Hereafter. Therefore whenever we are armed, then our hearts and souls should be attentive to the Holy Words of Allah Ta`ala.

This hereafter world, we have specifically made for those who do not intend to high-handedness and mischief on earth. And good result is (bestowed) to people of Taqwa. (Surah-al-Qisas:28, Alaayah 83) An armed and trained Mujahid’s heart and mind is not only occupied with the twenty-eight Ghazwaat, the bravery and chivalry of the honoured Sahabahsy, the faith enhancing military campaign of the honoured Sahabahs in the width and breadth of the Roman and the Persian Empires, the invasion of Sindh (presently in Pakistan) in response to the cry of a child and the attack of Tariq bin Ziyad (RahimahulLahu) on Spain in order to protect the dignity and honour of a non-Muslim lady, Sultan Salaahuddeen’s (RahimahulLahu) war against the Christian (so called) Crusaders for the liberation of the holy Masjid of the Bait ul Maqdis, and the war of Mahmood Al Ghaznvi with the Hindus for the destruction of the Mandir of Sumnath (where in the name of religion every conceivable oppression was carried out against humanity), but the Mujahid at the same time should also remember that Allah’s Last Rasool did not grant the permission to fight the Munafiqs of Madinat ul Munawwarah. Hazrat ’Uthmaan (inspite of ruling the then half the regions of the world) did not allow Muslims to attack the few hundred Christians.

The Leader of the Mujahideen, RasoolulLah , on every occasion of sending the groups of Mujahideen for the Jihaad assignment, used to emphasise to them:

· Depart with the name of Allah and with the help from Allah and in the Deen of Allah’s Rasool SallalLahu `Alayhi Wasallam. · Do not kill any old age person. · Do not kill any invalids and disabled. · Do not harm babies. · Do not harm children. · Do not harm women. · Do not steal from the booty and the spoils of war. · Accumulate all the spoils of war in one place (take your share after its division). · Maintain proper & correct mutual dealings. Sometimes the following declaration was also issued: · keep your words and do not go back on your commitments. · Do not mutilate the corpses. We should also memorise that Allah’s Last Rasool has pronounced “the threat of the Jahannam for those Muslims who raise their swords against each other, in such a case the murderer and the murdered both will be assigned to the Jahannam”.

We must also preserve it into our hearts and minds, that even a single life is immensely valuable to Allah , thus extinguishing a life on the suspicion of being an agent or informer alone should not be practised. The Earth shudders with the sin of extinguishing an innocent soul and Allah’s help and blessing is suspended.

The honoured brave soldiers of the Ummah! Those youths deserving the Jannah! The courageous battlefield heroes! Memorise well! Your fight is not for a specific nation, community, group or organisation. You are not spilling your blood for the dominance of one nation upon another. The reason for your Jihaad is not to elevate one organisation above another. You do not wave the banner of Arab nationalism or Asian nationalism. You are not fighting to protect the powers of the few. Your fight is to obtain Allah’s favour, and acceptance of your deeds by Allah . That’s why this war is called the Jihaad.

You are sacrificing your lives for the greatness of Islam and for the protection of the Muslims, therefore even the dust and the sand on your feet is the guarantee of the Jannah. You are striving for the establishment of the greatness of the Holy Quraan and for Allah’s commandments, in order to guide mankind to the right path.

You are performing the greatest task of liberating mankind from their own slavery and bringing them to the subjugation of Allah Ta`ala alone. You are those fortunate people who are providing the proof of the Oneness of Allah Ta`ala and the righteousness of His Deen, Islam, by spilling of your crimson blood. Therefore after your death, you are bestowed with the honour of the Shaheed.

It is strictly not permissible for you to put a bullet in the body of any Muslim.


It is criminal to use your youthful energy and power to usurp one nation against another.

It is not allowed for you to use your sacred weapons for the advancement of one organisation at the cost of another.

Do always remember that you are the Mujahid in the Path of Allah Ta`ala, the soldiers of Islam, the guardians and protectors of the Imaan and the Deen.

These honours are your precious possessions of this world and the Hereafter.

Sources: http://www.2600.com/news/mirrors/harkatmujahideen/www.harkatulmujahideen.org/

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