The Psychological Preparation of Jihad

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, The Psychological Preparation of Jihad

The psycological preparation of theprobable consequences of the JihaadMufti Khubaib SahibWhenever Muslims enter into the Jihaad with the Blessings and the Help of Allah, then immediately many a diverse consequences emerge. Therefore a Mujahid must always be psychologically and mentally prepared for them.

Presently after the campaigns of the Jihaad, an instant victory and the immediate establishment of the Khilafah is assumed as a fact.

We assume that as soon as we start the Jihaad, we will be victorious immediately and as soon as we are victorious the Khilafat ul Rashidah will be established and the environment of piety and pure goodness will be enforced and upon every street and corner of the conquered land, the seal of Islam would be imprinted immediately. But when after the Jihaad these assumptions are not materialised then suddenly the Anti-Jihaad conversations rear their ugly heads, great numbers of people loose their hearts in the Jihaad. The euphoria of the victory turns into dejection, some proclaimers of instant establishment of the Khilafat ul Rashidah after the Jihaad, hide their faces with shame and guilt, and the Anti-Jihaad supporters are provided with an opportunity for heralding their abuse against the Jihaad and the Jihaad Movements.

A clear example of such an event is Afghanistan. In 1992 when General Habibullah the communist backed puppet ruler was dethroned, the communist surrendered to the Mujahideen and handed over the rein of power to the Mujahideen, thus enabling the Mujahideen to enter Kabul and formed the government with few key positions in their hands, while the whole of the administrative establishment and the armed forces and the civil servants of the past regime remained intact.

There was no ethical or religious base for fighting and destroying the Uzbak Militia who handed the power to the Mujahideen, thus they remained armed to the teeth. Meanwhile small groups managed to occupy various sections of Kabul which were supported by the Iranian Regime. The whole of Afghanistan was in turmoil. The fourteen-year long bloody war has left Afghanistan fragmented and each part of Afghanistan was under the control of different armed factions. The whole of Afghanistan was sprinkled with land mines with the view of maiming and killing tens of thousands of Muslims. Six million of the population was forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. Russia’s crime against humanity has left millions of helpless and destitute widows, orphans and crippled citizens.

In such a grave and despondent situation it was vital that all the Mujahideen should have come together and co-operated fully with each other and the process of dismantling the communist administration would have been started and they would have formed cohesive internal policies. But soon after the surrender of Kabul to the Mujahideen, a section of the populace, gripped by their long suspended desire and enthusiasm for the establishment of the Khilafah, became disenchanted with the snail pace progress of the Mujahideen towards that goal.

Many a different and false accusations were directed against the Mujahideen. Such as “the streets of Kabul are filled with shameless women who do not cover themselves according to the Revered Sharee’ah”, or “Kabul is under the control of the Uzbak Militia of Rasheed Dustam and the Mujahideen are puppets in their hands”, or “all the government departments and offices are run by the communists” and so on. Thus these and similar unreal outbursts gave the opportunity to a faction to attack Kabul and opened the door of wretchedness which has not yet been closed.

After the start of this internecine war in Afghanistan, who did what, and what actually took place is a long story. During that period of this blind war, so many events took place that even the parties involved might not know themselves.

Indeed many excesses were committed. Broken promises, reneging on solemn commitments, bitter scenes, the heart breaking war between the various factions of the Mujahideen were witnessed. Many honoured and respected great personalities were defamed. Countless trusted and dignified people, lost their positions and respect in the eyes of the Ummah.

How did it all begin?

We observed an interview of an Afghan leader surrounded by sabre rattling and slogan chanting Arab Mujahideen, the Afghan leader was expressing with heavy heart the facts that Kabul is still under the iron control of the Uzbak Militia and the supremacy of Islam is not established. Thus he will fight to the last, to remove every communist from Kabul. During the whole interview he was cheered by the Arab Mujahideen with emotional and unrealistic slogans.

A realisation dawned upon us there and then, that these slogan chanting, emotional Mujahideen are the root cause of the erroneous views of this great leader. If this leader should have gone to Kabul with the Mujahideen under his command and acted in consultation with the other Mujahideen groups in Kabul with a view of systematic removal of the communists from the machinery of the government then the ultimate wishes of all the Mujahideen and the pious people would have been easily attained.

But the war has commenced and the communists were able to gain protection from various Mujahideen organisations and thus contributing in the prolongment of the final outcome.

Our only reason for stating this example is to show, that when the Mujahideen are not prepared for the consequences of the Jihaad before hand, then a disastrous result might ensue.

It is not our intention (Allah Forbids) that the Afghanistan Jihaad is a failure. On the contrary, we believe that in Afghanistan’s Jihaad, the Muslims in general and the Mujahideen in particular, were successful beyond the wildest imagination. Because the Jihaad of Afghanistan was waged neither for the purpose of governing Kabul by the Mujahideen, nor with the aim of removing certain people from power and installing others in their places. The aim of the Mujahideen, for a considerable period was, that they were fighting for the protection of Islam and to obtain the highest honour of Martyrdom in this war.

By this great Jihaad, the bloodthirsty animal, namely the Soviet Union, met her own death. A sigh of relief has spread from Pakistan to the gulf. Due to this great Jihaad those Muslim states were able to free themselves from the clutches of the Soviet Empire, for whom the thought of liberating themselves was non existent a short while ago.

These were the fruits of the Jihaad in Afghanistan, which slowly and gradually inspired the Mujahideen towards their ultimate goals of establishing the government on the model of the Khilafat ul Rashidah.

Thus establishment of the Khilafah and other faith enhancing aims and objectives gained momentum and were expressed in slogans by the Mujahideen and the lovers of the Jihaad.

After the fall of Kabul, the result and consequences obtained through the Jihaad were soon forgotten and were biting the dust and all the attention was now focused solely on those slogans which appeared at the end of Afghanistan’s Jihaad. These were though not empty and hollow slogans and it was also the Mujahideen’s intention and aim to establish the Islamic system in Afghanistan after the demise and the destruction of the communist administration, as it was the cornerstone of the Mujahideen’s aim and objective for waging the Jihaad.

After the fall of Kabul, the result and consequences obtained through the Jihaad were soon forgotten and were biting the dust and all the attention was now focused solely on those slogans which appeared at the end of Afghanistan’s Jihaad. These were though not empty and hollow slogans and it was also the Mujahideen’s intention and aim to establish the Islamic system in Afghanistan after the demise and the destruction of the communist administration, as it was the cornerstone of the Mujahideen’s aim and objective for waging the Jihaad. But after the fall of Kabul no one realised the huge and countless obstacles lay ahead in the path of the establishment of the Islamic system in Afghanistan. Every nation of the world perceive the establishment of pure and true Islamic State in Afghanistan as a death-warrant to their own existence. Even the neighbouring Islamic nations were not in favour. Furthermore wiping out the remaining communists and getting rid of the communist legacy and influence was not an easy task. The settlement of millions of displaced and dislocated refugees and the redevelopment of the ruined country was a huge and extremely difficult task.

In these circumstances it was vital for all the groups and the factions to tackle these issues unitedly and continuously. In addition the prevailing international laws were the permanent stumbling blocks to these efforts, to challenge and confront these international laws needed enormous efforts and a lengthy period of time.

Anyhow, due to the hastiness of some people and due to the old enmity and rivalry of some people and due to some other reasons, Afghanistan was pushed into a new war. But we believe that the Jihaad of Afghanistan is a success and Insha’Allah, in the near future a genuine Islamic nation will be established and the blood of 1,600,000 Martyrs which had folded the darkness of communism, will bear fruits and Insha’Allah, the best leadership will be provided from Afghanistan, which will not succumb to anyone’s threat in its pursuit of solving the problems of the Muslim Ummah. Yes! We said in the past and we say again now! It might take some time, to achieve these goals. We honestly believe that inspite of the conspiracies of the enemies and the apathy of our own, this length of time does not seem considerably long.

Now returning to our main subject. Every Mujahid should always be alert and prepared in his mind and heart for the probable consequences of the Jihaad and it should be understood well, that as long as a Mujahid’s intention is correct and proper and his Jihaad is according to the Revered Sharee’ah, then he will never be a failure. If he is victorious then he is the winner, if he looses his life in the hand of the enemy then he is also successful. If his forces are winning then he is the winner, and if his forces are apparently unsuccessful then he is still successful. But the consequences on the surface could have many dimensions. It is probable that Allah will bestow such a victory in the Jihaad, that he can see the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the Jihaad with his own eyes, as the honoured Sahabahs have witnessed Allah’s glorious gift of victory in the battle of Badar and in the Holy city of Makkah and as Sultan Salaahuddeen had witnessed in the victory of the Bait ul Maqdis in Palestine. But it is also probable that a Mujahid might witness an apparent defeat, but in reality this defeat is on the surface which could contain within it several benefits. As the honoured Sahabahs have witnessed in the battle of Uhud. It is also probable that the battle is indecisive and ends in stalemate and its affects might become apparent later on, as it happened with the Movement of the Martyrs of Balakoat, the consequences of which were ascertained after a while.

The consequences of every Movement and every Jihaad holds many probabilities, thus a Mujahid, in order to Please Allah, ought to put all his effort and the best of his endeavour to the Jihaad and leave the result of his effort and endeavour to Allah alone. He ought not to blow his trumpet on victories, nor to be heart broken and disappointed on his defeat. His effort, endeavour and sacrifice are never in vain. The result will definitely emerge either immediately or later. His participation in the Jihaad Insha’Allah, would emerge, in the form of Allah’s blessings upon the inhabitants of the whole world.

If by the sacrifices and efforts of the handful of people the caravan of human beings is diverted from the path of hell to the eternal heavenly abode Jannat, then this bargain is not a bad bargain at all. If Allah’s precious gift of the establishment of Islam and the Khilafah is achieved, then who could measure the greatness of this gift of Allah.

“Oh heart in love contains all the benefits Loss of one life is not a bad loss.”

If the Mujahid is an eye witness of the fruits of his sacrifices then it is a great blessing and if the fruits of his sacrifices blossom after his time, then his reward is awaiting for him when he meets his Creator.


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