ISIS Training Photos

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Ad Dawlat Al Islaameeyah, ISIS Training Photos

ISIS training for recruits.

Training camp: The chilling six-minute ISIS video titled ‘The Blood of Jihad in Nineveh’ was posted yesterday


Fighting: The clip was filmed in northern Iraq - and sees recruits learn combat skills from trainers on dusty land

Speaking: The video includes talks from two members of ISIS - one to the camera (above) and one to recruits


Watching on: The new video from the Islamic State (ISIS) shows more than 100 recruits at a training camp

Braced: One section of the YouTube clip features the men waiting in line to receive a kick to the stomach

Crawling: A man is shot at as he perfoms an exercise to remove a wounded fighter from the battlefield

Learning to fight: The video posted on YouTube lasts six minutes and has Islamic chanting in the background

 Getting through: The men were seen performing an exercise where they crawled along while being shot at

Sitting: The extremist group has carved out a vast stretch of territory from northern Syria to near Baghdad


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