Voting Rights Compared To Legislation Against Shariah

Posted: June 19, 2013 in A Culture War, Voting Rights Compared To Legislation Against Shariah

DISGUSTING! Rev. Richard Killmer, a dhimmi Presbyterian minister, dares to compare the Voting Rights Bill of 1965 with today’s legislation against sharia law

Is the proposed Alabama amendment banning ‘foreign law’ really an effort to harass Muslims?

(No, its an effort to protect Americans from sharia, the world’s most barbaric system of  Islamic law)

images15  Is history repeating itself? Late in the evening of May 20, the Alabama legislature gave final approval to legislation calling for a constitutional amendment banning the use of “foreign law” in state courts. It will be on the ballot next year.

However, there is no need for this constitutional amendment. The U.S. Constitution already states that U.S. law takes precedence over any foreign law, including the unspoken target of this amendment, Shariah or Islamic law. (Yet there have been more than 50 cases involving Muslims where justices ruled based on sharia law)


After I learned about this act of the Alabama Legislature, I thought back to March 25, 1965 when as a student at Princeton Theological Seminary, I took my place among the more than 25,000 people who stood in front of the Alabama State House to listen to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., advocate for the Voting Rights Bill of 1965. We had been joined by 8,000 people who had marched from Selma for the right to vote.

Source: Bare Naked Islam

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