40 Hadiths On Jihad

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Forty Hadiths On Jihad, Hadith Sources

This PDF is a book called The 40 Hadith On Jihad. It is a list of Sahih hadiths concerning jihad and an explanation of the meaning and application of the hadiths.

40 Hadith On Jihad

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    […] Read More Infos here: theinstituteforjihadiresearch.org/2013/05/27/40-hadiths-on-jihad/ […]

  2. […] This Hadith explains the virture of preparing a mujahid, i.e. the virtue of helping him financially. We learn from this Hadith that the mujahid receives one reward, i.e. for waging jihad. While the person who prepared him receives two rewards; one for spending his wealth and secondly for the mujahid who fights because of the formers wealth. This is because he is the means for the jihad of that mujahid. However, this will not result in any decrease in the reward of the mujahid.(The 40 Hadiths On Jihad.) […]

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