OIC Islamophobic Reports

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Organization of Islamic Cooperation, UN Islamophobic Reports

First Islamophobic Report (May 2007-May 2008):

The OIC is a non-Muslim Brotherhood organization whose goal is implement Shar’ ia worldwide and impose the Caliphate with the organization as the Caliph. The OIC religiously follows “Islamophobic” activity worldwide and reports on it posting it on their website. The PDF at the end of this quote is their first report on Islamophobia to the U.N.

The following quote concerns a discussion the OIC had with the President of the U.N. There are a few things in this quote which ought to raise the hair on the back of the neck of every Patriot. The OIC is calling for (1) a historical reconciliation between Islam and Christianity, (2) develop an inter-religious fraternity between Islam and Christianity, (3) Islamophobia is a state security issue, and (4) to create the methods to properly deal with misconceptions and defamation of Islam and Muslims in the West.

Notice if you will that it is Islam which is trying to define the issue. I mean think about the fact that there has NEVER BEEN AN HISTORICAL RECONCILIATION BETWEEN ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY. Islamic supremacy again.

“The Ministerial meeting at the 62nd Session of the UN General Assembly on October 4-5, 2007 in New York titled The High-Level Dialogue on Inter-religious and Intercultural Understanding and Cooperation for Peace also highlighted the dangers of Islamophobia. In his statement at the Meeting, the OIC Secretary General stated, inter-alia, that the concept of “Dialogue among Civilizations” was initiated by the OIC as early as 1998. He argued that the Dialogue was still entrapped in the phase of a debate and empty slogan, while practical and concrete actions were needed to lay down the envisaged concept. He reiterated the need for reaching an historical reconciliation between Islam and Christianity, which would be a positive development in inter-religious fraternity and concord. The OIC Groups of Permanent Representatives to the UN in New York and Geneva considered the issue of Islamophobia as a threat to international security, stability, and peaceful coexistence. As such, it should be addressed collectively, with a strong will and sincere commitment, on the part of all stakeholders. It should be addressed in all its aspects: political, cultural, socio-economic, legal, and religious. The Groups believe that strong political will should be advocated at the high-level segment of the international community, especially from Western countries, where this phenomenon is more acute. Voluntary commitment should be promoted in support of combating all forms of racial and religious hatred, particularly from the media and political, or ideological groupings. In this regard, a voluntary code of conduct should be encouraged among the media.

On 30 September 2007, the OIC Secretary General met the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, and discussed ways and means to cooperate, inter alia, on improving the role of the Alliance of Civilizations, as well as following-up the Doha Declaration in order to properly deal with misconceptions and defamation of Islam and Muslims in the West. The Spanish and Turkish joint initiative for an Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) in 2005 has gained prominence in the international fora after it came under the UN auspices. The establishment of a permanent Secretariat for the Alliance of Civilizations at the UN Headquarters in New York, the release of the Report of the High Panel, and the appointment of former Portuguese President, Mr. Jorge Sampaio, as the UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations has brought about new dimensions to the project. The OIC has been involved with the Alliance of Civilizations project since its conceptual stage. The AoC was jumpstarted with a Ministerial Meeting on the Group of Friends (GoF) held on the sidelines of the 62nd Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York on 26 September 2007 and gained further relevance by holding its First Annual Forum in Madrid in January 2008. The OIC Secretary General proposed during the GoF meeting that the success of AoC depended on four elements: (1) to address the problem at the grassroots level rather than confining it to the elite group; (2) to end stereotyping of Muslims by the media; (3) to have political engagement at the highest levels; and (4) to attain a historical reconciliation between Islam and Christianity.”

PDF: 1st Islamophpbic Report

Second Islamophobic Report (May 2008 to May 2009)

This report documents the OIC’s continuing efforts to use the U.N. to impose worldwide Blasphemy laws. In this report the OIC documents examples of Islamophobia in (1)  Western resources, (2) Education, (3) various problems faced by Muslims and (4) examples of Islamophobic events.

Interestingly, the OIC has been rebuffed on numerous occasions to implement their Blasphemy laws even with the backing of people like Obama and Clinton. The backlash seems to be taking a toll as the OIC is forced to further explain its position (remember taqiyya)

“The OIC Secretary General emphasized that dialogue initiatives should propose a specific path and have a well-defined ultimate goal. He regretted that the OIC’s position was wrongly interpreted by some Western quadrants, which have started a campaign against the OIC, and labeling it as anti-Christian and anti-Jewish. He expressed his firm conviction that a historic reconciliation between Islam and Christianity would go a long way in finding a common goal and peaceful coexistence between the West and the Muslim world.”

Must not tell the truth! Like what peaceful coexistence between the West and Islam? I wonder if the OIC General Secretary might be referring to the peaceful coexistence as described in the Qur’ an (At Taubah 9:29-32). Nevertheless, the OIC never loses an opportunity to whine!

“Islamophobia implies discrimination and intolerance against Muslims. Its proliferation runs contrary to the fundamental values of mankind that must be embedded in a firm commitment to human rights and the recognition of inherent dignity of all human beings regardless of faith, color or creed. In that respect, human rights and fundamental freedoms should be recognized as essential safeguards of tolerance and non-discrimination, which are indispensable elements of stability, security and cooperation. However, despite all efforts for the promotion and protection of human rights, acts related to racism, xenophobia and discrimination, as well as related intolerance persist in many societies. The resurgence, especially after September 11, of racist tendencies and Islamophobia challenge the exercise of fundamental human rights and freedoms particularly in Western countries. In spite of tangible progress achieved in eliminating institutionalized forms of discrimination, many countries and regions continue to experience new and mounting waves of bias, exclusion and racist violence. These constitute a major threat to friendly and peaceful relations not only among states, but among peoples as well. The need, therefore, to struggle against all forms and manifestations of discrimination and intolerance has become more urgent and evident than before.”

The must read is pages 29 through 40. In these pages OIC documents Islamophobic incidents. Funny, I did not read about the four Michigan Muslim football players who attacked the quarterback of the opposite team when he took a knee to thank the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Oh, I sorry. That is not Islamophobia, that is jihad!

PDF: 2nd Islamophobic Report

Third Islamophobia Report: (May 2009 to May (2010)

This report includes supposed Islamophobic events against Muslims. In reality the purpose of this list is not so much to show Islamophobia but to create an environment for the call to outlaw all blasphemy. Within the list the OIC states:

a) It is of foremost importance to recognize and acknowledge the problem of Islamophobia as well as discrimination and intolerance in terms of its historical, cultural and psychological depth and develop the essential willingness to adopt a multifaceted approach towards finding solutions.

c) Discrimination and intolerance against Muslims is not only a matter of discrimination against a specific religious group, but it also deeply affects international relations as well as the internal stability of Western societies. As such, it is a multifaceted question and must be addressed through a holistic approach.

f) Muslim minorities should not be seen as second class citizens, must not be demonized, marginalized, feared or despised.

g) The war on terror must not become a war on Muslims.

l) Uttering of matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion and likely to cause outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion should be prohibited by law.

m) Legal prohibitions must be enacted on publication of material that negatively stereotypes, insults, or uses offensive language on matters regarded by followers of  any religion or belief as sacred or inherent to their dignity as human beings, with a view to protecting their fundamental human rights.

n) Public insults and defamation of religions, public incitement to violence, threat against a person or a grouping of persons on the ground of their race, colour, language, religion, nationality, or national or ethnic origin should be legally prohibited.

I wonder if the OIC will apply these considerations Islam’s Qur’ an, Hadith, Sira and Fatwas of Imams? Nevertheless, the report argues that all discrimination against Muslims have been grossly underreported in both the US and Europe and they offer a means by which this underreporting can be fixed. The report cites the British Foreign Secretary David Milibrand and President Obama’s Cairo speech as positive developments as both politicians called upon their respective nations to show Muslims greater respect. Funny, that neither of these politicians called upon Islam to show any respect for the Judeo-Christian values upon which both nations were built. The report includes two large sections in which the OIC reveals the supposed depth of Islamophia in Europe and America. Of course the report disparages the names of some of the most outspoken anti-Shar’ ia activists among us like P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, Bruce Bawer, Andrew Bostom and Bat Ye’or all good patriots. The report spends a great deal of ink discussing the minaret ban in Switzerland and the cartoon issue in Europe.

The funniest statement in the whole report was “A minaret is to a mosque what a steeple is to a church. It is the symbol of a mosque that can not
in any way be construed to pose a threat to another culture or faith.” Only the ignorant would fall prey to this.

PDF:3rd Islamophobic Report

  1. Dr. Vader says:

    Here’s something for the OIC to consider:

    1.) There has NEVER been a ‘historical reconciliation’ betweem Islam and Christianity, nor will there ever be…

    2.) There is no need to ‘develop’ any sort of fraternity between Islam and Christianity, because we NEVER had anything in common, nor will we ever…

    3.) Islamophobia is defined as “fear of Islam” and since I and my patriot brothers and sisters are not scared of these retards, we are not infected with ‘Islamophobia’ nor will we ever be…

    4.) The only methods to ‘properly deal with misconceptions and defamation of Islam and Muslims in the West’ is to turn their heads into a canoe with a .45 Long Colt when they f*ck with us.

    Notice how I just turned the premise of their definition of ‘the issue’ on its head?

    In short, the OIC and Islam can kiss my pork eating ass!

    • Stephen G says:

      America government must wake up to the real truth about islam-The Koran teaches that islamic should be the only religion on earth,if a infidel will not convert to islam then behead them,it also teaches to kill infidel where ever they may be,it say to kill all Jews and all non-believers;Every 12rth verse of the Koran either speaks to Allahs haterd or death to all non-muslims,the Koran contains 109 verses that calls for muslims to war with non-believers,chop there heads off and kill infidels where ever they may be.Muhammad ther profet would attacks cities,caravans,kill all the men and take the women and kids as slaves plus he had a 9 year old wife that he has sex with,he also says it’s good to beat your wife if she displeases you,if she dis honors you,you can kill her,if a muslim woman is raped she is stoned to death-the muslim men say she caused it and nothing happens to men,they keep a boy who has not hit puberty to have sex with plus they have sex with animals-read the Koran-it will blow your mind and Muhammad was a brutal murderer.There is nothing peacefull about islam-look at how muslim kill each other,sunni hate shietes and shietes hate muslims plus there are other sects-90 some precent are not educated and brain washed from the day they were born-their are no moderates-if so why are they not speaking out…

  2. The first line of getting the truth out is via our educational system. However, our educational system is corrupted with dhimmitude.

    We’re fighting an uphill battle now — and that battle has gotten worse since the first years immediately following 9/11.

    PS: You are blogrolled.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Hello, thanks for reading my blog. I agree. The educational system for the most part whether secular or not is offlimits to the distribution of this material since so many Americans are unwittingly in bed with the MB and OIC. Nevertheless, this can now also be said of the FBI, CIA and many of the Federal Congressmen. It would seem to me that these obstacles mean we must take a different approach. Let me use the education system as an example. We may not be able to reach them through the system but we can reach them if we circumvent the system and get this information into the hands of parents. It is clear we can no longer rely on the normal means of distribution including churches. We will simply have to circumvent them.

      P.S. I have placed you in my Friends’ list. Thank you.

  3. Homepage says:

    … [Trackback]…

    […] Read More here: theinstituteforjihadiresearch.org/2012/02/17/oic-islamophobic-reports/ […]…

  4. Bunny Olesen says:

    This is the typical everyday muslim action. Poke at the government and try to twist and abuse freedom laws, until even criticism of islam is illegal, while criticism of other religions is NOT. They are trying so many of the tactics that worked so well for them in Europe and particularly ENGLAND.

    Calling dislike of Islam RACIST (yeah right, what race was that again? The ISLAM race?) and screaming about bias, and anti-muslim racism, whenever someone is prosecuted for a crime it’s only because they are muslim and ‘the wrong color’ not because they actually committed a crime.
    They got the police in England afraid to report honestly what is happening in crime trends for fear the will be ‘accused of racism’ which shows just how far down the path they’ve gone. They’ve made anti-islamic ‘racism’ out to be as horrific as abuse, rape & murder, so much so that people are afraid to investigate muslims for many crimes!! That’s what they would like to happen here!

    The sad part is most muslims are so stupid and ignorant of the way western countries actually run, and knowing that in their OWN countries how horrible the bias is against Christians and westerners, europeans & americans, it is easy to get them to believe that we torture them in prison and and convict them without evidence just because we hate them, because it’s really about being against Islam – I mean, after all, ISN’T THAT WHAT THEY DO?

    So when I hear them rail about evil white people & christians it makes me ill. They are projecting their own horrible daily actions onto the rest of the world, while defending their own executions and vicious mob attacks on Christian families.

    I particularly like this: Muslim minorities should not be seen as second class citizens, must not be demonized, marginalized, feared or despised. (and how they say MUST not be despised)
    Isn’t that kinda like how christians ARE treated in muslim lands?

    EGYPT right now: Ahmed Imran—a candidate of Egypt’s Salafi party, the “Party of Light,” which won some 20% of votes in recent elections—called for the return of jizya…..he distorted history and spoke of jizya in glowing terms: I say to those who fear that we might govern, that it was the Muslims who liberated the Copts from Roman slaughter and that Copts are obligated to pay the jizya, and it will only be half a dinar, taken from the rich and given to their poor.

    Earlier, Abu Shadi, another Salafi leader (not one running for office) announced that Egypt’s Christians must either convert to Islam, pay jizya and assume inferior status, or die.

    Non muslims who pay Jizya are called DHIMMI ; not the ‘assume inferior status’ listed above? As a Dhimmi you are literally and legally A 2ND CLASS CITIZEN. Oppressed & not allowed to work as a police officer, for the government, in politics, as a soldier, nothing with any authorityl.

    Hazem Abu Ismael, a former Muslim Brotherhood member still affiliated with the group, said he would impose jizya on the Copts.

    last summer a priest was almost killed at the hands of the Salafis because of his refusal to pay them jizya money…. [T]he church’s priest had declared that the Copts would not pay jizya, in any way, shape, or form. This is what caused the Salafis to want to banish him from the region, so they could collect jizya from the Copts.

    in the words of Koran 9:29, to “pay the jizya [tribute] with willing submission, and feel themselves utterly subdued.

    I find it hard to believe that with real things happening in this extreme manner, we have to be subjected to the ‘perception’ of self-victimizing muslims that they treated so badly. I have news for them, I treat anybody badly who screams in my face, tells me i’m a whore, and that they are going to destroy my country & start their own legal system.

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