Apostasy Equals Death

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Apostasy Means Death, Shaykh Al-Huwayni

How many times have we heard Western so-called ‘experts’ on Islam as well
as politicians cite the Qur’anic verse “there is no compulsion in religion”
as an example of Islamic tolerance. According to Egyptian Shaykh Abu-Ishaq
al-Huwayni, all of those people might be “boozers and druggies,” because
despite that verse, “Islam is a religion which has limitations and
rulings.” One of those, upon which all scholars are in agreement, is that
any Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed.

This is taken from a video clip posted on YouTube in May 2009. The
subtitled video is above, and the English transcript is below (thanks to
Nonie Darwish for her help on this one):

“They say that freedom of conscience should be provided to every human
being…. because Allah Almighty says, ‘There is no compulsion in
religion’.” So it is like a druggie interpreting the Qur’an.

“There is no compulsion in religion?” True. “Whoever will may believe, and
whoever will may disbelieve?” True. However, this is on the condition that
you do not enter the Islamic faith. You are free. No one is compelled to
believe in, or convert to, Islam. You’re Christian? Be a Christian. You’re
Jewish? Be a Jew. You’re in any other religion? Be whatever you like.

But you should know that Islam is a religion that has limitations and
rulings. One of its established rulings, upon which all scholars
unanimously agree, is that whoever enters Islam voluntarily, not
forcibly–it is not permissible for him to apostatize from Islam. If he
does that, the ruling upon him is death. You still want to enter the faith
with this punishment? Fine. You don’t want to enter? Fine? We don’t need a
curse. We don’t want you either. This is the ruling in Islam. “There is no
compulsion in religion”? Ah.

If your Lord willed it, everyone on earth would believe. Then will you yet
compel people to become believers? I don’t know anyone who has been
compelled to enter into Islam. The offer was left to the early Muslims.
They were courageous peoples. They were distinguished by the strength of
their hearts, of their will, and their firmness in making decisions. Islam
was offered to them, and they believed.

We don’t know of anyone who has been killed simply for being an infidel.
Nor is it permissible for anyone to kill someone simply because he is an
infidel. Islam is a religion which was established on persuasion. No one is
ever compelled to enter Islam. However, if he enters Islam, there are
rulings. There are those who want to have freedom to reject Islam (kufr).
If a Muslim disbelieves, there is a penalty.

But some say “There is no compulsion in religion.” He doesn’t pray? “There
is no compulsion in religion.” He doesn’t pay alms, or perform the hajj, or
fast? “There is no compulsion in religion!” What Muslim scholar has ever
approved this? No one ever has, and no one ever should speak this nonsense.
The only ones who advocate this are druggies and boozers. At a time when
people are reaffirming the Islamic doctrine in every corner on earth, such
advocates want to get rid of Islam.

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