Islamic Concept and Its Characteristics

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Islamic Concept, Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb (MB)

The “Islamic Concept and Its Characteristics” was written by Seyyid Qutb and its purpose is to explain the concept for which the Muslim Brotherhood is to be fighting. Therefore, understanding what Qutb’s writes will provide the reader with insight into the goals of the Brothers as they invade our homeland.

The document is in PDF form and contains nine chapters and is 135 pages long. I decided that instead of creating an introduction to the booklet I would simply provide you with Qutb’s to give you a summary.

“For a number of reasons there is a pressing need to define and elaborate the Islamic paradigm of
thought, that is, to explain for a modern audience the Islamic concept.
The Muslim needs this definition because it provides him with a comprehensive explanation of all that
exists, on the basis of which he relates to the world. This explanation brings him closer to an under standing
of the great realities that confront him, and of the nature of the relationships and connections that exist
among these realities, namely, the reality of the Creator and the reality of the created (the latter including
the universe, life, and man), and their mutual relation ships and interconnections.
The definition of the Islamic concept is also necessary for the Muslim so that he may understand the
central position that man occupies in this universe and the ultimate purpose for which he is created. This
knowledge in turn defines the role of man in the universe, the parameters and perimeters of the field of his
activities, and the limits of his relationship with his Creator.
Such a definition, moreover, is essential because the understanding of this comprehensive view and the
recognition of man’s central position in the universe and the purpose of his existence define the Muslim’s
way of life and the kind of system established by this way of life. The system established in man’s life is
based entirely on this comprehensive view and follows logically from it. Without this base, the system
would be mere patchwork, having shallow roots that will quickly disintegrate. Such a contrived system,
while it lasts, is a cause of suffering and misery for people, since there exists a fundamental conflict
between such a system and man’s basic nature and real needs. This judgement applies to all systems current
in. the world today, without any exception, especially to the systems of the so-called “advanced” nations.
The definition of the Islamic concept is also needed because the Islamic din1 was revealed in order to
initiate a special kind of ummah (community), unique and distinctive, namely, an ummah that came to lead
mankind, to establish the way of Allah on earth, and to save people from the misery brought about by
misguided leadership, erroneous ways, and false concepts. Today we see mankind in a miserable condition,
despite some variations in forms and appearances. If a Muslim grasps the Islamic belief-concept and its
essential constituents, he is guaranteed a role as a founding member of this dynamic ummah, with its
special characteristics and distinguishing features, a member capable of leadership and grace. The clarity of
his belief-concept is a great guiding force because the Muslim’s system of life originates from this concept
and is based upon it. It is this belief-concept that directs all individual and collective activities in various
fields of human endeavor.
The Qur’an presents this comprehensive explanation to people in such a complete form that it takes
into consideration all aspects of human nature, and satisfies its needs in every dimension. It deals with all
matters, those pertaining to the senses, to feelings, to thought, to intuition, and to insight, and addresses all
the elements of man’s awareness, just as it deals also with his material needs in the physical world. It does
so in a style that exhorts, inspires, and guides all these elements of human nature in a harmonious and
natural manner, since it comes from the Originator of the universe and the Creator of man.”

PDF: Islamic Concept and Its Characteristics

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