You Will Forget 9/11

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Al Qaeda, Islamic Soldier, You Will Forget 9/11

Message from an Islamic soldier to America and it’s citizens around the world

Peace upon those who follow guidanceAll people around the world heared that rule by of jihad which is
(security is a common denominator and so you will not achieve or even dream it before it become a reality we are living at home

This was not a promise of empty words and resonant phrases to raise morale of supporters arpound the world, but these words were hiding with it many and many.


And daily we all discover some of the grave incidents that is hidden behind those words.
I am not her to enumerate the list the Mujahideen attacks against you since you started your crusade war against us till now , in your country or even in other countries around the world. These events you remember well and you may celebrate every year.
But you thought that your abilities will achieve security and will bring and end to attacks of Mujahideen and make a beginning of a new era os security and safety. But after the passage of approximately a decade since the beginning of the battle being waged between us and you.The photo now become more and more clear 


Our Nation don’t accept the shame and humiliation and it  will not be accepted Yes, it can not be accepted Because the religion of Allah don’t accept that for us it can not be accepted Because the wounded dignity burn our hearts and go our gut it can not be accepted
Because the call for help launched and it found us men who resist  attacks against chaste Muslim women and will revenge for them it can not be accepted Because our usurped holy places screaming for us to fight for them and to liberate them from capture of enemies in which they completed the decades it can not be accepted

Because Allah Almighty said in His Book which means:  God will not allow muslims to make the unbelievers to control them it can not be accepted Because God promised en the Koran, He said what means God will give victory fot those who fight in his way and he has promised who believe and the good deeds the give them victory as he had done with those living before them, and enforce their religion acceptable by him to them and give them security after their fear it can not be accepted.Because God Almighty promised who were killed in the way of Allah not be dead, but alive with God, rejoicing at what God has bestowed upon them from His Bounty. 


God also threatened who don’t share in jihad prefering to be with the women and children to be punished. So that we prefer to be killed in the way of Allah rather than staying in this first life.After that : How can we allow unbelivers to control us??! 


Do you understand the message??!I hope you had understand the message on it’s correct face. I swear to you that there are a lot of muslim men who are very interested by fighting you to the extent, that their work and studies become interrupted, bringing the revenge on their top concerns and they are planning for attacking you and God willing  they will come to you with things you don’t see, don’t hear about nor expect before if this remember you by events of 11/9 you may elevate the degree of preparedness at your airports. 

Omar Al-faruq brother’s in the way to you But if you think that your new sonographic devices in your airports preclude us from reaching our targets, i tell you that you have not understood the lesson well .


And i advise you to be always prepared by the development of your modern smart and even stupid devices in your sea and airports after
the next shock comimg soon, God willing.
And, i d’ont advice you to believe that your aircraft carriers or ships are safe in sea and your planes are safe in air or they are far from the fire of our fighters and their ambushes after the security preparations followed the attack on Uss-Cool in Aden and brother Omar Al-faruq operation.And if you believed that you are safe in land, air or even sea, you should know that you are you still muffling in your deep sleep.

Yes, has arrived to our attention that you have convey aircraft carriers and ships by security zones to prevent us from attaking them.


We know very well that you have ordered your stary dogs in the governments of Egypt and Yemen to stop sailing of small fishing boats before your ship passing by in the water passage days before you come till you have leave fearing of us.
And the forces of the Egyptian army guard fighter ships on either side of the Suez Canal till you safety cross it. We also know every thing about helicopters that guard you from the sky during your passage in Suez Canal.

In addition to all this armed watchtowers developed on either side of the Suez Canal equipped with heavy arms and vision devices . And recently we also informed by the wired barriers are being setted up now on both sides of Suez canal.

And that we also informed by Guard actions which are done usually by Yemeni Coast Guard during the passage of your navy parts the Strait of Bab Al- Mandab and during breaking of your navy parts en Yemeni ports and prevention of poor fishermen from fishing in many times, in order to preserve your safety we have informed also by your attacks against many Yemeni fishermen in the Gulf of Aden and Arab sea , as a result of terror and hysteria which accompany you since attacks on your towers and navy parts around the World.
Ok , take precautions well in the land, sea and air.God willing , we will attack you from where you don’t expect. Gos willing, we will attack you in the seam land and air.

And you shoud know that because of your attacks on unarmed , elders and Muslim women in the East and West of the world ,we also
attack your unarmed civilians East and West of the world.

Don’t think that we have forgotten Yemeni children and women killed by your air attacks and also daily killed brothers in Waziristan, Afganistan and don’t think that we have forgotten  which happened lastly in Ghaza holocaust, you should know very well that your civilian planes are legal targets for us.

Of course, in addition to your fighter aircrafts as well as civil and military ships, and you should know that we learned from our mistakes in the past and in our next attack in sea we will do our best to make your ships dormant in the depths of the sea, next attack on Cool or one of its sisters will not allow it to return back to sail again as it will be in the depth os sea, God willing.

And know that we are today thanks to God better than yesterday as we become spread all over the world.

Thanks to God we have bases in Afganistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Jerusalem, Caucasus and Islamic Maghreb, this is addition to our supporters spreading all over the world who penetrate recently your security systems and this is proved clearly : by bombed car in times square and others in the near future God willing, in a new chapter in the battle with you .

God willing , The next attacks will make you forget shock of 11/9.

A call to my Islamic Ummah

How long will you safely stay beside your wives and children?
To when will you stay interesting your first life?
Don’t you know that Muslim women who have spoiled in the hands
of the crusaders their agents?


Did you forget your chaste sisters?
Did forget our sister Jihad Jane?
Did you forget Dr/ Aafia Siddiqui?
Did you forget Sajda al -Rishawi?
Did you forget wives of Taliban leaders who were captured and stripped of their clothes after the killing of their husbands?Please, give me an answer 

Did you forget Wafaa Constantine?
Did you forget Sabrin al -Janabi?
Did you forget small girl called Abeer in Iraq who was killed with
her family after she become rapped by american soldiers and then they sear the house to hide their crimes?
Forget your sisters in the prisions of Shiites, apostates and unbelivers?

Im swearing tu you, they are your sisters and their honor is your honor and we don’t deserve to be alive when they are still in the
capture of unbelivers and we become slaves of them.

Height of religion is Jihad in the heart…So it’s better to take part in Jihad or go out of life.


My God Allah who can make rains falling defeat parties of unbelivers
God , defeat them and give us victory
God , don’t let us planing for our selves
God , Be with us not against
God , we are poor, weak and defeated so we ask you tu give us money , power and victory
God helps us and give us power and don’t make enemis gloat our last words is thanks for Allah



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