Jihad: Permanent War

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Jihad As Permanent War, Suhas Majumdar (India)

This booklet is written by a Indian (India) and provides us a non-US perspective of Islamic Jihad.


Suhas Majumdar





1 . Jihãd in the Koran
2 . Jihãd in the Hadis
3 . Ghanîmah or Plunder in the Koran
4. Plunder (Ghanîmah) in the Hadis
5. Islamic Expansion through Jihãd: The Evidence of the Sunnah
6. Destruction of Idols and Idol-Temples in Jihãd: The Evidence of the Sunnah
7. Slaughter of Infidels in Jihãd: The Evidence of the Sunnah
8. Plunder (Ghanîmah) in Jihãd: The Evidence of the Sunnah
9 . Jihãd in the Shariat
10 . Jihãd and Religious Riot
11. Recapitulation
12. Conclusion

I . Jihãd and Expulsion of Non-Muslims from Islamic Countries
II . Jizyah and the Zimmî
III. Development of the Doctrine of Jihãd in the Koran
IV. Akbar vs Attitude to Jihãd

PDF: Jihad: The Islamic Doctrine of Permanent War

  1. dajjal says:

    Posting a link to the book would be helpful, many readers will not know where to find it.

    I was hoping to find a link to Jihad Vs Terror, but found only a stub post.
    I find link making easy to do with Kompozer, then I copy the post and paste it into the WP editor. Unfortunately, Kompozer tends to crash, so I save early and often.

    • dajjal says:

      There is something fishy. All I saw was a brief stub until after posting my comment. Now the link is visible.

      • Bo Perrin says:

        Thanks for visiting my site. This form of WordPress initially puts up a brief view of the article. You then have to click on the articles title to see the whole article. Its annoying but I like the theme! 🙂

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