Recollections 1 through 5

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Jihad Recollections (AQ), Recollections 1 Through 5

Jihad Recollections, Issue 1.

This issue is seventy pages long. There are two articles you might want to review.

How Jihadi groups can go beyond global Jihad. (Page 27)
Principles of Guerrilla Warfare. (Page 48)

PDF: Jihad Recollections 1


Jihad Recollections, Issue 2

This issue is seventy-three pages long. Here are some articles you might want to review:

Caliphate’s Example. (Page 16)
Summary of “Architect of Global Jihad.” (Page 31)
A Guide For Bringing Converts to a State of Strength. (Page 47)
The Warrior Trainer. (Page 52)

PDF: Jihad Recollections, Issue 2


Jihad Recollections, Issue 3

This issue is eight-two pages long and ought to be fun reading for Americans. It is called from Uncle Sam to AllahuAkbar. Some articles you might want to preview are:

Operational Objectives of Guerrilla Warfare. (Page 18)
The Warrior Trainer. (Page 41)
Europe’s Potential for Assault. (Page 52)
Try to Liberate without Islam. (Page 53)

PDF: Jihad Recollections, Issue 3


Jihad Recollections, Issue 4

This entire issue contains recollections about Al Qeada’s 9/11 attack on America’s heartland. As an American it will boil the blood nevertheless, the issue provides us with some great insight into the thinking of Jihadis.

PDF: Jihad Recollections, Issue 4


Jihad Recollections, Issue 5

This issue is seventy pages long. There are three sections which might be of interest to readers of this blog.

Why I choose Al-Qaeda. (Page 2)
Training with the AK. (Page 24)
Individual Terrorism Jihad. (Page 29)
What to Expect In Jihad. (Page 65)

PDF: Jihad Recollections Issue 5

  1. Just reading the first few pages of this manifesto brings these thoughts:
    Islamic theorists clearly do not want American Muslim residents to participate in American life as posited by American Constitution and laws. Instead the want Muslims to destroy it. Are not each of these theorists unwelcome newcomers to American Society?

    This cannot be said of Judaism or any other religion in the world that has some of their practitioners in residence in America. These anathema cannot be cured by turning the other cheek, any more than they would have been cured during the ancient Moorish occupation of Southern Europe.

    America from 1789 forward was intended as a mecca for existing souls pursuing existing lives here on earth with good pleasure and good fortune. Islam does not apply here.

  2. R_not says:

    file number three gives me this message: file is damaged and could not be repaired.

    To me this is exactly what islam teaches in their koran and sunnah. And anyone who thinks the Arabic is ‘kinder’ is kidding themselves. It is actually more harsh and the English misleads us. For example, in Arabic it doesn’t say to beat the women ‘lightly’, it just says to beat them. Or the Arabic for one of allah’s names is al makr (sometimes spelled al maker) and it means deceiver, liar, cheater NOT ‘Planner’.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Hello. Thanks for reading my blog. I agree that there is taqiyya in the words Muslims use to translate the Qur’ an. Thanks for the insight. I also agree as well that Jihad is not radical but normal.

      Thank you for letting me know about the link issue. I always have to bring up a PDF in the Explorer because I can never get a PDF to come up in Foxfire. Nevertheless, I was able to bring up the number three file in Explorer.

  3. R_not says:

    Thanks, I got it. I did a recycle of my computer – who knows what happened. Maybe I had a memory problem (fragmented memory) and it caused me problems. I have a bad habit of leaving my computer up for days and not recycling it.

    I did successfully download the file. I wanted to let you know.

  4. C16XsHyx says:

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