Monotheism and Jihad

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdese, Monotheism and Jihad
Author:Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdese
Added in: 2009-08-01
In the name of Allah, and all praise be to Him, and peace and blessings upon the prophet and his family and companions and those who follow him. 

To be distinguished is the title of our pulpit, and therefore our pulpit is the garden of the righteous and a reference for the truthful scholars and it’s a refuge for their writings when the betrayers abandon them.

Our pulpit doesn’t pay attention to the man made borders but only takes notice of the limits that is set by the Shari’ah and the strongest bond, and doesn’t pay attention to the man made laws and doesn’t reconcile with the Tawaghit and doesn’t care about their pleasure or anger of the ones who holds it. But only cares first and foremost bout the pleasure of the lord and approval of his Shar’.

And that’s by the pleasure of Allah alone, it’s being referred to by the leaders of the Jihad and Mujahedin, and has become recommended from the great scholars and those who are stationed.

On our site you can find many different books and old letters to many different writers, and sometimes from different directions, but what gathers them is being distinguished.

The Islamic sites on the internet can’t be counted today, there’s the weak and the fleshy, in many of them you find deception and delusions, and even in some of them you find glorification, cheer, clapping and drum beatings for the Tawaghit and the enemies of the Ummah.

And therefore you find that the distinguished sites are rare or even less than that.

And if you ask me o noble guest, how do I differentiate the distinguished sites from the others? whats their signs? whats their title?

I will answer you with full confidence and without hesitation: the guided prophet saws have guided you to that and given you all the explanations.

The prophet saws said when he was asked about ( a man that fights for Ghanima, and a man fights to be mentioned and a man fights to be seen so who is fighting for the sake of Allah? The prophet saws said: the one who fights to make the word of Allah superior is the one who fights for the sake of Allah .) The Hadith is mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim and others.

The one who fights to make the word of Allah superior is what characterizes it then, and the word of Allah is (there is no god worthy of worship but Allah) so the sign that distinguish it is (Jihad and fighting and actions to make the word of Allah supreme) the phenomenon, the triumphant and the dominant.

So the sign that distinguish us from the others in short is Jihad to make the word of the Tawheed highest.

And that’s why we chose the name of this pulpit and labeled it as The Pulpit of Tawheedand Jihad. (Minbar Al Tawheed wal Jihad)

And we chose to put the word Tawheed before Jihad in the name as Tawheed is the first purpose and the basic of the fundamentals and Jihad is the true method to establish it on earth.

And the word of Tawheed, it’s the word that we chant about in this pulpit, and everything that’s in it is build for this word, and to establish its bases, and for its plowing to succeed and its plant to grow and its soldiers and guards. And there’s nothing strange in that, as the prophets chanted about it before us, and its chanted and focus about it, fight for its sake and is killed under its banner their followers from the victorious group in every place and time, until the day of judgment.

And for its cause was people created, and for this cause was the prophets sent and the books revealed, and for this cause people disputed in this world, and for this cause will they be separated in the hereafter in two parts, a part in paradise and a part in hell.

And Jihad to raise the word of Tawheed and aiding it, (who fights to make the word of Allah supreme) is the distinguished straight path to aid this Deen (Religion), and it’s the true way to raise it and give it honor, and that is why the chanting on our pulpit have been Jihad as the second place, and around its ways, methods, jurisprudence, policies, soldiers and allies. And around its enemies and their ways and plans and conspiracies, and their policies and studies to eliminate and fight their allies etc.

Those two subjects are the titles of our pulpit, and that is what distinguishes it from the others.

And Allah gathered them in his saying:”Indeed We have sent Our Messengers with clear proofs, and revealed with them the Scripture and the Balance (justice) that mankind may keep up justice. And We brought forth iron wherein is mighty power (in matters of war), as well as many benefits for mankind, that Allah may test who it is that will help Him (His religion), and His Messengers in the unseen. Verily, Allah is All-Strong, All-Mighty.” [al Hadid:25]

So what distinguish us is that we chose to give victory to what’s great and loved by Allah which is Tawheed (the book) by the strongest way and most loved to Allah which is Jihad (the iron).

And that is what Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah explained that the foundation of the religion is build on, he said: “ the foundation of the religion is based on a guiding book and an aiding sword, and Allah is enough as a guider and supporter .”

And we are proud to be distinguished with that and we call others to achieve it.

And because these two matters (Tawheed and Jihad) isn’t exclusive to any language or nationality but they are the means to all the Muslims and believers, and that’s why we have opened this translated section for these two bases, to call our brothers from other nationalities that are non Arabs to join us to be distinguished.

To inform them about the reality of Tawheed that most people are ignorant about in our time that caused the breakdown of many groups and what opposes Shirk.

And to inform them about the reality of Jihad, in order to fulfill Tawheed, and how the Tawaghit of the east and the west are trying to fight, defame and annul it. And how they have agreed, planned and made conspiracies against it.

And our pulpit stands, by the aid of Allah strong against these plots and as a spear for the Mujahidin that exposes the plots of their enemies, and the excuses of the monks of the Tawaghit in trying to distort their Jihad. And we repel all evil that the enemies and their allies and the ignorant are trying to attach to the Jihad.

And that’s why we ask you our noble guest to participate to achieve this distinguished goal and strengthen it in our pulpit, and that is by acting upon the saying of the prophet saws: “ Religion is good conduct “, as we are all humans we hit and miss, and we forget and neglect, and the trust on our shoulders are great and the responsibilities are big, and we are not capable of giving it its full right fulfill it the best way except by the aid and help of Allah and the advice and aid of our brothers.

And we have informed you of our goal, so if you don’t find in our pulpit what you could thank us for, then don’t forget us from your prayers to get success and firmness, and if you one day find what opposes the goal or disturb that aim then never hesitate to advice us, and we would be grateful to you in you participation to achieve our goal.



Written by: 

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi
Beginning of Sha`aban 1430
After the hijrah of the Mustafaa
Peace and blessings be upon him

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